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  • robbie
    10:04am - Sun May 05th, 2013
    I could argue that 'news' is created and reported by news organizations like WTOP (Decisions have to be made about what gets on air). Although I enjoy WTOP, if it decided that Lohan's life is indeed not 'news' (lots of people have drug issues and legal issues and go to rehab - why is her story anymore important than anyone else's at this point?) and simply did not report on it, and instead maybe increased reporting time on other more important or 'real news' stories, I doubt anyone in the listening audience would truly 'miss' this news. WTOP decides what it reports on - there are lots of big stories it 'needs' to report on like the Boston bombing, and then there are the little stories that are just 'good to know' and Lohan's life, at this point, in my humble opinion does not even reach this 'good to know' anymore. Be done with her, and let some other 'non news' broadcast inform people of this tragic figure with no redeeming value.
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