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  • HCB
    11:51am - Thu Feb 14th, 2013
    Wonder how this will affect congress and their budgets? Would be nice to see congress take the 20% pay cut with the rest of the government.
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  • Bill B.
    1:31pm - Thu Feb 14th, 2013
    Sounds like the housing inventory around the NOVA region is about to loosen up...
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  • atwin
    1:52pm - Thu Feb 14th, 2013
    Rand Paul?
    You could not interview a credible Republican Senator? Rand Paul is out to lunch and any thinking person would question the veracity of what he spouts. Sequestration is akin to stepping over nickels to pick up pennies with serious ramifications.
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  • A D.
    8:32am - Fri Feb 15th, 2013
    Let Sequestion Go Through
    LET IT HAPPEND NOW and one of two things will happen.

    One, all REPUBLICANS will be worshiped.

    or most likely

    TWO, Little old ladies in wheel chairs (over 70 years)from Ohio will invade D.C. and do things to congress that the U.S. Army is no allowed to do to anyone.
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  • Hunters
    1:52pm - Fri Feb 15th, 2013
    balancing the budget is the first thing that needs to be done to get the economy back on line.

    freezing government salaries putting caps on presidents and government spending ,look in to lowering energy costs ( putting a freeze or cutting CEO and corporations wages) to get this economy going.
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