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  • Crusty C.
    4:46pm - Wed Jan 23rd, 2013
    The answer is simple. Do the following today.

    Double all traffic fines. Now.

    $300 first offense using cell phone or PDA. $1000 2nd offense.

    Start enforcing reckless driving laws that are on the books like tailgating, lane change without signals, and my own fave, passing on the right in turn lanes.

    This should be easy. You will have a surplus in a matter of weeks. Traffic laws are just not enforced in the US. The speed cam thing is pure chicken you know what.
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  • Crusty C.
    4:51pm - Wed Jan 23rd, 2013
    For instance
    Speeder tailgates. Offense 1
    Pass on right in turn lane. Offense 2
    No turn signal when committing 1& 2

    Combined 3 offenses = 4 to $500 fine.

    Think of the revenue possibilities. One example: You could sit at 198 and 295 in Laurel MD and write est 8-$10K in tix every day.

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