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  • GreatEagle
    7:25pm - Fri Jan 11th, 2013
    Chris Core commentary "Growing gun debate"
    Chris Core's Core Values commentaries are quite often half-baked, impulsive with little thought. WTOP would be better off without Core Values. Most of the time when I hear Core Values I just groan and change the radio station. This time I feel that I have to respond. To equate President Obama's desire to find means of reducing gun violence by lawful executive order with Lincoln's extra-constitutional action to preserve the Union during a national crisis is beyond any stretch of logic -- it is silly. Core's claim that action on the part of the President will suppress debate on gun control is also silly. There is nothing that will move the NRA's position on gun legislation. Clearly some reasonable action is needed; the question is what can be done to reduce gun violence.
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