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  • bam9877
    6:28pm - Fri Jan 11th, 2013
    WTOP interviewer of NRA President was so lightweight
    The lightweight interview this morning on WTOP provided nothing more than an open platform for the NRA president to give his rote speech which we've already heard many times. At no point did the interviewer question the NRA's assertion that the only way to stop gun violence like the CT school shooting is to enforce current gun laws, arm more people in our schools, and improve our mental health care system. None of these actions would have had the slightest impact on what happened in CT. Whereas, outlawing large ammo clips and the sale of semi-automatic weapons would have had a direct impact. The WTOP radio newsreaders seem to be easily outwitted by pretty much every person they interview. Is that premeditated? If so, you do a great job of pandering.
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  • truthfeller
    7:12am - Sat Jan 12th, 2013
    Enforce the laws we have..
    then we'll talk.
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