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  • Fred C Dobbs
    3:04pm - Wed Jan 02nd, 2013
    Too bad
    Old Honest Jim had plenty of years in congress to slam the brakes on spending. He choose to go along with the exess spending, now he is marketing himself as budget minded.
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  • MikeM!!!!
    4:29pm - Wed Jan 02nd, 2013
    I despise the guy, but . . .
    What he says here is not so bad. What he doesn't say, and he was asked by the female announcer directly, is what is his solution. "Balanced?" OK, what does that mean? Will he streamline entitlements? He won't because he is a hopeless Libtard. He basically leaves the notion that the solution is higher taxes. I am OK with that if he'll just say it. I think they should have gone to $250 annual income. I also think they should have committed to entitlement reform.

    In the end, you are correct. Moran is part of the problem. He got us here. Now the sky is dark with debt chickens coming home to roost. His positions were not sustainable.
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