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  • Karen A
    8:44am - Thu May 03rd, 2012
    Treat Pot Like Alcohol
    Hi Chris,
    You rock! Thank you for your core value commentary about treating marijuana like alcohol. We have to stop this insane policy that treats users like criminals and does nothing to decrease the use of the drug. Marijuana use among teens is higher than it has ever been because it is easier for them to get than alcohol. What about allowing the quality and distribution of a drug to be controlled by criminals makes sense? Yes, marijuana is a drug and its use has consequences but the government can't fix stupid. And I don't want my tax dollars wasted on trying to fix stupid or housing stupid in prison just because he smoked week. As you said, Maryland's new possession law is a joke. 3 months and a $500 fine? Ridiculous! Keep up the good work!
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