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  • LB in DC
    3:46pm - Thu Apr 05th, 2012
    Further considerations?
    Chris, I understand that a 60-second spot re: energy reform does not afford enough space to dive in depth on the issue, but... how could "corrupt politics" be your best guess why the government does not drill for natural gas? Environmental and long-term factors have to be taken into accont before drilling for fossil fuels, and not including that in your opinion is irresponsible. Furthermore, such narrow comments (that have the potential to reach so many listeners) perpetuate unhelpful and erroneous assumptions for our society (e.g., the government is just corrupt and rigid, thus unreachable/unchangable by the people it governs; global warming is not an important issue; drilling for fossil fuels has no impact on the environment). How can you provide an opinion to the public that is so grossly irresponsible?
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