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  • The Observer
    9:09pm - Tue Feb 14th, 2012
    Mont County control of alcohol
    Chris, regarding Montgomery County controlling the sale of alcohol, I believe your statements are rather misleading. While it is true the County is the only county in the country that controls both the wholesale and retail of alcohol, it is also true that over 36% of the country is also under the jurisdiction of an alcohol control board. That's 18 other states, including VA, PA, WV, and OH to name a few.

    For FY 2010, the Department of Liquor Control contributed over $30,000,000 to the County's General Fund. In the last 10 years, over $233,000,000 was contributed. No property, state, or local taxes are uses to support the Department of Liquor Control. Where do you think this shortfall would come from if the County were to get out of the business? I think our property taxes are high enough!

    I'm sorry you cannot buy cold beer in any of the County's 24 dispensaries. But there are over 900 other retail outlets where you may do so- beer and wine stores, restaurants, hotels, etc. If that is not convenient enough for you, perhaps you should consider moving a few miles away to Prince Georges County, where you will have your choice of liquor stores, or maybe 2 or 3, on just about every street corner. I'm not sure that would be the environment I want for kids where I choose to live. Thank you.

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  • pfefman
    3:42pm - Wed Feb 15th, 2012
    Montgomery County Control Over Alcohol
    Chris, you are right on with your comments. The control prevents any competitive fairness when it comes to alcohol sales in the county. This heavy handed control is unfair to all establishments who sell alcohol in Montgomery County - restaurants, bars, beer and wine stores, etc. The only one who loves it is the folks who run it and make the profits. I know the system first hand and it stinks. Do like everyone else - buy in other counties - you don't have to move!
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