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  • LeGreatOne
    9:07am - Sat Feb 11th, 2012
    He was right before backing off...
    If a law is levied on everyone, then it means everyone. There are no exceptions.
    Catholic organizations hire people who are not Catholics, don't they? Do those people have to accept "the Catholic way" even when it goes against their own beliefs? I don't think so.
    Likewise, Catholic organizations should not restrict benefits to employees on the basis of Catholic doctrine when those employees are not Catholics.
    This entire situation has been Right-wing, Conservative nonsense.
    Whether a person, Catholic or not, working for a Catholic organization should choose to use or not use any medical plan benefit should ONLY be the choice of that person, not the organization. I say apply the law equally and let the individual make his/her choice. The conservatives once again want to take away one's freedom of choice. This is the USA - Don't lose the Freedome to choose.
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  • vigyan
    10:55am - Sat Feb 11th, 2012
    Obamacare isn't applicable equally to all.
    Anyone who was granted a Presidential waiver is immune.

    The issue is not applying the law equally to all, because all you have to do is chum with the President and you get your own lucrative set of rules.
    Ask AFL-CIO if you don't believe me.

    Not all choices are equal. People are not robots that prostate to heavy-handed mandates and imperial dictates from Obama. It is a safe bet that the great majority of Americans do not agree with the morals and ethics of Obama. Polls show the majority of Americans are pro-life.

    If he were competent or even fair-minded, he would have issued a waiver five seconds after this erupted.
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    5:08pm - Sat Feb 11th, 2012
    Who's Choice?
    The woman chooses to kill her child. Sometimes by choice and sometimes by coercion or being uninformed. Liberals fight anything supporting an informed choice, such as considering adoption, seeing the baby on an ultrasound, or waiting for a day to consider the choice. Of course, once the abortion is done, Liberals care nothing about the psychological damage and well being of the mother. May be a choice here sometimes.

    The doctor/nurse team may be forced to kill the child, even if it is against their conscience. No choice there.

    The child being killed has no choice in the matter. No choice there.

    The employer is forced to pay for the killing of the child, even if it against their conscience. No choice there.

    The father has no say in the matter. No choice there.

    I ask then, so where is your Liberal Choice?

    It looks to me like the Liberals "choice" is really simply to encourage or force "death," regardless of the fact that it violates the human rights of many others.
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  • LeGreatOne
    9:08am - Sat Feb 11th, 2012
    Typo Correct
    Last line - Freedome should be Freedom.
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