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  • JDH
    10:39am - Thu Feb 09th, 2012
    Today's (9 Feb) Message
    The message did not play all the way to the end, but stopped in the middle.
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  • Karen P.
    1:58pm - Tue Feb 14th, 2012
    Incorrect Assumption of Government Contracts
    It would have been illegal for Pres Obama to over rule the contract choice. The Source Selection process in the Government is a closed process and no where does the President get involved. So, I disagree with your story and assumption the President was an upstanding guy in that he didn't hammer Trump. It could never happen.
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  • pfefman
    3:43pm - Wed Feb 15th, 2012
    The Donald
    Yep, you have the right opinion of the Donald. All for his show and show business. How could any country or American take him serious. I'm not an Obama fan but he certainly displayed a better face than the Donald.
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