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  • K.m. C.
    8:16pm - Thu Feb 02nd, 2012
    Today's commentary
    Amen! Amen! Wonderful Core Values commentary today. You said so well and firmly what needs to be said. Thank you!
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  • TonyMazz
    5:02am - Fri Feb 03rd, 2012
    Rock and a Hard Place
    Your use of Georgtown Hospital is a great example of the problem. Although the masses think of the Jesuit school, the Hospital is now owned by MedStar, not the church. Some of the doctors are Georgetown faculty, but paid by MedStar. What rights should these citizens have? Yes, exempt Father Flannagan and other religious order members from coverage requirements. But don't descriminate against the employees of related organizations. Will we allow the Jehovah Witnesses not cover blood transfusions in their health benefit plan? Remember, the feds do have a voice here as the funds have been made tax exempt.
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