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  • Sara L.
    4:55pm - Sat Jan 28th, 2012
    NO animal should be "extincted"
    I disagree with assumption that all pit bulls are bad and therefore should be killed. My nephew has the nicest pit I've even seen - friendly, rambunctious and totally safe. My grandfather had a Doberman guard dog that was properly trained to guard a property but was friendly and sweet to the grandchildren - I remember lots of slurpy kisses from a dog of a breed that you advocate to kill.

    People don't want to admit that humans are the cause of animal aggression bred into dogs. Unskilled or no training, abuse, in-breeding, pain, and anger and/or violence in the home or community setting are the reasons for most of these problems of aggression in these dogs. It works the same way for our species too, by the way.

    Let's start looking at what kinds of people own these pets and whether or not THEY should be prohibited from owning one before you start advocating for the genocide or planned extinction of another living creature.
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  • obscurechemist
    8:40pm - Sat Jan 28th, 2012
    You said it yourself:
    "inbreeding". And that can only be a bad thing if the characteristic is heritable.
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