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  • DCadopter
    12:50am - Fri Dec 23rd, 2011
    That old geezer

    That was the funniest segment of Core Values I heard in a long time!

    I can only imagine your surprise when the old dude whipped out his iPhone (4 of 4S) and used the Starbucks app to pay for the drink. I had a seminary prof who was an old geezer who whupped students a third his age in tennis. "Yep," the prof would say, "I get frustrated with students who would not learn Biblical Greek and I'd take my class frustrations on them on the tennis court. They would think, 'Who's this old codger?' as I beat 'em raw!"

    Hah! We should live so long, Chris!

    'Fessing up when we are wrong as you did IS a core value! Entertainment factor is a bonus! Thanks and Merry Christmas to you and yours.

    Mel Dupree
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