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  • First Flight
    9:38am - Wed Oct 12th, 2011
    American Dream

    First let me say I enjoy hearing Core Values on my way home every evening. For the most part I think your comments are spot on when it comes the subject matter you discuss, but I think you are missing the point in your commentary on the American Dream. Yes the American Dream lives on, and occasionally a person with little or no education, and little wealth, does percolate to the top, and makes it in our society.

    But let’s face it, achieving the American Dream is not the norm. Even in the best of times, achieving the American Dream is a difficult task, and is why we celebrate it when we hear of like your friend making it.

    That being said, you cannot blame the people that are occupying Wall Street. We are living in desperate times, and with the rhetoric coming from the left and right, our country is in total gridlock, with no end in sight. People do not see the light at the end of the tunnel as in past recessions, and the result is that people are in despair, and most likely are beginning to panic.

    To make the situation worse, the rhetoric from right appears to be winning the war of words, at least for the time being, so the message coming out of Washington whether intentional or not, is that the Government is turning its back on the people. When the government turns its back on its citizens bad things happen. What we are witnessing now should come as no surprise, and unfortunately will only get worse if the government does not respond to the needs of its population.

    Yes we need to do something about the debt, because the current course is not sustainable, but in seeking solutions to the debt we need to take the middle ground. Extremism from the left or right is not productive. There has to be some common ground that will allow us to do something about the debt, as well as address the minimal needs of our population. Addressing the debt and meeting the minimum needs of our fellow citizens will allow the American Dream to live on.

    I apologize if I got a little long winded here, so thank God my profession does not depend on creative writing. I am however gainfully employed, so am not complaining to just complain. The fact is we are not only living in desperate times, but dangerous time. Needless to say, I have my concerns.

    All the Best,

    Michael J. Gordon
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  • Tony G
    1:01am - Thu Oct 13th, 2011
    The American Dream Lives
    Mr. Core,
    I have no problems listening to someone's opinion when it is based on facts, but when the opinion is based on distorted or made up facts, then the opinion is basically worthless to me!
    You called the protesters whiners and nuts and after telling your story about a self-made millionare, you said that that is the type of person they are protesting against.
    The protest is against Wall Street Greed and corporations getting away with things that politicians allow them to get away with, it's not about being against self-made millionares and you were wrong to do your piece to make it sound that way!
    I thought that you were above someone like Cal Thomas, but now I'm starting to wonder.
    Having opinions on the real facts should be a Core value!!!
    Disappointed Listener
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  • Commentor
    8:52pm - Thu Oct 20th, 2011
    I have to agree
    I understand that people are upset with banks for making poor decisions driven by greed. By all means make it known that you are upset, but the politicians who can't regulate these bank's greed are just as much to blame.

    THAT ASIDE, I have to agree with Mr. Core. In the last three days I have seen four help wanted signs, people standing on the street corner begging for money holding a sign saying they lost their job and have received three notifications from career websites that I registered with when I got out of college listing out new job openings. Granted, the now hiring signs were in the windows of pizza places and the job postings were for warehouse, construction and other various hard labor positions, but when the going get tough, the tough get going.

    I'm 30 years old and started out as a mail clerk and worked hard to get into a managing position that has allowed me to establishing my life in a way that I feel comfortable. My cousin (same age) started a roofing company two years ago and has been so successful he is planning to retire by 40.

    My point is, and I believe this is what Mr. Core is getting at, the opportunity to take control of one's fate is more then possible in this country. It's the principle the country is founded on.

    Rather then complaining, thinking that you are entitled to success and blaming someone else, maybe rolling up your sleeves, putting in some effort and taking control of your own fate, (pardon the plagiarism) is a core value.
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