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  • ccfromdc
    11:25pm - Wed Oct 05th, 2011
    Freedom of Speech
    Your comment regarding the irrelevance of artist's political opinions (i.e. Shut Up and Sing) is beneath you. As citizens who probably come into a broader cross-section of society than most (bar politicians, although come to think of it politicians get to cherry pick their audiences) artists tend to be keen observers of society and the condition of their fellow humans. As with court jesters in days of old, today's artists are a mirror or society's strengths and weaknesses. To question the value of their opinions is both disrespectful and patronizing. "Shut up and Sing" indeed. Many of today's artists are more highly educated than the average politician. Who better to ask than one whose livelihood is inextricably entwined with the life of the common man no matter how high they climb on the ladder of success?
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