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  • JAWZ55
    10:01pm - Mon Sep 12th, 2011
    Future 9/11 commerations
    I agree with your comments to a point. Future commemorations of the 9/11 attacks should subdued and be similar to those that are held on Memorial Day or Veterans Day. They should be held at the many 9/11 Memorials that have been erected across the country and the commemorations should be conducted at the local community level. These commemorations should be led by local American Legion or V.F.W Posts, or Police or Fire Departments. Remembrance ceremonies like this will ensure that we Never Forget.
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  • bookworm82
    7:16pm - Tue Sep 13th, 2011
    Moving on from 9/11
    Chris -- this year, the 10th anniversary of 9/11 was on a Sunday. The memorial at the WTC was dedicated, so we finally have places set aside to pay respects at all three crash sites. And since Americans tend to notice anniversaries that end in zero, this encouraged a strong focus on what happened ten years ago.

    But next year, September 11 will fall on a Tuesday. It will be probably after the first weekend of the NFL season, so that will be a topic of conversation. For those with school children in Virginia, it may be the first full week of classes. We may have a hurricane to keep track of (hopefully not, but September is hurricane season). And it will be eight weeks before the 2012 presidential election - so the campaign coverage will probably keep reporters, political analysts and commentators very busy.

    I hope people will take a moment to reflect and remember, and consider how to honor those who died on 9/11. But I think the calendar will work to encourage us to move on.
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