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  • Rich Aquilina
    7:53pm - Mon Aug 08th, 2011
    Just a thought
    Hi Chris,
    Your Parents or Grandparents were probably part of "The Greatest Generation". I am sure you do not have to explain sacrifice to them. But, those are the same folks you want to ask, "Which medications they are willing to give up." The same folks you want to tell, "We are cutting the meager amount you get from Social Security." Or say to their children and grandchildren, "Sorry you have had such a hard time trying to find work. We know it is tough out there. But you and your family are on your own now." Or, telling those who wish they could work but are too disabled to, "Sorry this happened but you need to do a better job of taking care of yourself." I refuse to believe any of those things to be anywhere near a core value. BUT I can see, closing the loopholes that the wealthy use to pay less tax than the middle class or poor. Or, asking those whose toughest decision is where to go out to eat (as opposed to which meal they must skip) to pay a little more. Not taking away from those who need it the most and asking a little more from those who need it the least, now THAT is should be a Core value.
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  • WillDoMypart
    8:53pm - Tue Aug 09th, 2011
    I am ready....
    Chris...it is very sad to hear no one is ready to share the countries burden. I am here in US on work visa and earning reasonably good salary and own a house and putting my roots here.

    I feel I am not paying enough taxes and getting more than what I pay for. I am ready to pay 5% - 10% more tax of what I am paying now. I wish everyone share their part and make sure country is out of this debit mess in 5 - 10yrs.

    Why I am ready to do this ? I want to make sure I am not putting any debit on my kids just for the sake of I don't want to sacrifice any of my enjoyment (entitlement, less tax, over spending government). Lets all share our part and get the debit devil out of our life and give peaceful and debit free life of our kids.
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  • Kathleen W.
    6:59am - Wed Aug 10th, 2011
    Hi Chris,

    I am willing to sacrifice as soon as our representatives stop getting a free ride off of the public & start paying into a retirement plan like the government employees have or private industry. They need to pay for their health insurance & pay into social security. Freeze their salaries for a few years.

    As a middle class family, our salaries are frozen, our parents social security is being cut, the retirement age has been moved up, when does it stop. We didn't raid the social security fund they did.

    Yes, previous generation sacrificed but so did the leadership.
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  • Unicorn26
    11:37am - Fri Aug 19th, 2011
    Penal Facility vs. Correctional Facility

    Prison Reform

    Penal Facility vs. Correctional Facility

    Webster's Dictionary defines Penal as : of, for, constituting, or deserving punishment, to impose a penalty on for wrongdoing.

    Today's penal system is too soft on criminals. Minimal mandatory jail time should be served before any consideration for parole. Criminal records should be made available through a national crime computer network to prevent harden criminals from purchasing guns across state lines. Prisoners should not be given game rooms and gym's to workout in and states should not be paying for them to go to college and earn a degree while in prison while the law abiding citizen has to scrimp and save every penny to send themselves or their children. Prisoners should be required to work in order to offset the cost to the government of keeping them incarcerated. Society does not owe the criminal library facilities which rival many universities today. The criminal needs to learn that going to jail is not free food, clothing, and three square meals a day and a chance for a college degree, but rather a place to be avoided, where hard work and unsatisfactory conditions exist. If there is not enough meaning full work for prisoners to do than more meaningless work should be created to instill some feeling of hardship. While it may serve society to provide and education up through High School to less educated prisoners, or assist good model prisoners eligible for parole to learn a technical skill so they can become a productive citizen again, is not comprehensible to pay for them to get a college education for free, or at the cost of the tax payers.

    Prisoners today are not being punished for there crimes but rather rewarded for them. They don't call them prison any more there called Correctional Facilities. Supposedly to rehabilitate the law breaker and offender in to becoming a law abiding citizen. The carrot rather than the stick. Reward them for doing better or good and not punish them for doing bad things, this type of positive reinforcement has reduced or prison today to government run high class hotels for convicts, rather than a place to punish those that break the laws, and kill people.

    If a family can not afford to send their children to college or a trade school today, they would be better off to tell them to go rob a bank or a liquor store and be sure to get caught, then the government will pay for their college education and feed and cloth them for free. Today's Prisons are an incentive to do crimes, not a deterrent.

    Last modified 12 April 2000
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  • Unicorn26
    11:39am - Fri Aug 19th, 2011
    National Science and Space Program

    National Science
    Space Program

    Environmental Research

    The National Space program is vital to scientific research being conducted to determine the extent of damage being caused by methane gas and CFC and the discharge of Freeon gas into the atmosphere. Science this is a global problem, which affects all nations the importance can not be diminished. Scientist operating in outer space can examine the continuing changes in the Ozone layer to determine weather the conditions are improving or continuing to deteriorate.

    Developing new Products

    A space platform could be used to create new alloy medals not possible in a gravity environment. Medical research could explore the effects of weightlessness on viruses.

    Congressional Funding

    The Space Station should be expansive enough to accommodate several scientists from each member of the international Space community, and provide both laboratories and living accommodations. The space station should be approximately 300 meters across, large enough to rotate and create an artificial gravity along its parameter and a zero gravity laboratory at its center. It would rotate on its axes about once each hour and revolve around the earth twice a day. The Space Station may seem expensive at this time, much as that first house we bought, but not as expansive as it will be if we wait 10 years to began as everything's cost continue to increase with time.

    Developing International
    Science Space Station

    The United States should lead a coordinated United Nations effort in constructing an International Space Station in Orbit around the earth. The United States and Russia would jointly head the Project and other countries (i.e., Japan, Great Britain, Germany, Israeli, France, and Egypt) would participate in order to secure space aboard this orbiting platform. The station would conduct scientific experiments, and provide an orbiter platform from which inter-planetary explorations would be made

    International Funding

    The United States in coordination with Russia under the United Nations would lead the Joint Space Exploration effort providing engineering and scientific requirements for the construction and the installation of constructed modules in space. Contracts construction, approval and acceptance of assembled modules would be under the joint inspection and approval of Russia and the United States, with final implementation and installation testing conducted by a joint team of all countries involved in the Space Station effort.

    Last modified 12 April 2000
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