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  • Brigid G.
    11:56am - Thu Jul 21st, 2011
    I appreciate your "compromise" point, but.............
    While I appreciate your point that Congress needs to grow up and act like adults - compromising as neccessary to keep our country running......your example of the "surplus" in VA is probably not the best. You cheered this "surplus" as though you hadn't bothered to read how it was achieved. I would expect more from a journalist. Had you read the entire article about the "surplus" in the WaPo, you would find that the 300 mill. "surplus" was achieved by forcing retailers (yes, that's SMALL BUSINESS) to pay their yearly taxes one month early (In June instead of July) - adding this year's taxes to the previous fiscal year bottom line. In addition, you would see that the State, although required by law to put money into the state retirement fund, gave them an "iou" for over 600 mill. dollars!! They plan to "pay" it back in 2013. Isn't that when we will be voting for a new Governor of VA?? Pathetic!!!!! Just another example of kicking the can down the road. Telling only the parts of the story you like, is not very "newsy".
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