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  • amcquade
    10:51pm - Tue May 03rd, 2011
    Today;s core value
    You should be ashamed of yourself for what you said about our military troops today. They have been on the ground fighting for 10 years. According to you nothing has been done and then all of the sudden a little intelligence and some navy seals come in and save the day. Our troops are fighting for the cause EVERYDAY. The have died fighting for our country and your words have shamed it today. You, my dear man, are an anus! (since you blog won't let type what I really want to call you!!)
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  • Wes F.
    10:47am - Wed May 04th, 2011
    I'll bite
    Show me one single point that the legions of military accomplished in Afghanistan that was set out prior to their deployment to that zone. I dare ya.
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  • queen2u
    11:18pm - Tue May 03rd, 2011
    Removing troops from Afghanistan
    Mr. Core:
    My husband, a Naval Academy graduate and retired military officer always admonishes, “wife – you do not understand the ways of the military”. Well, after observing many mystifying, but successful operations, I agree!

    Instead of criticizing our military leaders and Commander-in-Chief about the Afghanistan war strategy, try commending our military for their discipline, training, planning, and implementation of another successful operation, the capture and killing of Osama Bin Laden! I just hope they can get a good night’s sleep before moving on to the next operation.

    Leaving military strategy to the experts is a “core value”.
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