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  • Brigid G.
    6:46pm - Wed Apr 20th, 2011
    Shared Sacrifice?
    Chris, you seem to keep harping on your view that cutting the debt should ONLY be accomplished by cutting programs that (typically) help the middle class and the poor (which are growing exponentially). This is your notion of what "shared sacrifice" means. You portray the issue in simplistic black and white terms (either cutting programs OR raising taxes). I would think a man who is in the NEWS business would be more informed...and pass that knowledge onto his listeners. There IS middle ground on which most economists agree, In simplistic terms, it is to do BOTH(raise taxes AND cut spending). Of course, there are other things that can be done as well - loads of ideas. How about listening to the news stories on your station and then coming out with more informed and inspired commentary?
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  • BobberDC
    11:45pm - Wed Apr 20th, 2011
    shared sacrifice means sharing
    I sometimes agree and sometimes disagree with Chris's point of view - this is one where I STRONGLY disagree. The poor and middle class (those that rely on Social Security, Medicare, etc.) have been sacrificing for decades. Meanwhile, the uber-rich pay a disproportionately low percentage of REAL income compared to the rest of us (Donald Trump pays nearly nothing). Those are the people that aren't sharing. They take everything. It's time they paid. It's not even a sacrifice for them.

    Going without medical care because you can barely afford food - that's sacrifice.
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  • rltomkinson
    6:24am - Thu Apr 21st, 2011
    I am willing to share
    For years, the republicans have insisted on tax cuts, mostly for the rich. Now they want to cut programs needed by the poor and middle class, saying there is no money. The perception is that the rich pay very little, or nothing, in taxes; and that they can afford it more.
    Most Americans are two paychecks away from bankruptcy even in good times. I feel these programs are important for all Americans. I, for one, am willing to pay a little more in taxes to keep them going and even expand them. But nobody wants to discuss that. Maybe more Americans, if asked, would be willing to pay more also.
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  • Coffee Junkie
    8:21am - Thu Apr 21st, 2011
    Shared Sacrifice
    Many people have sacrificed their jobs, their homes, lost their loved ones in war, and are barely holding on. When you speak about shared sacrifice you should consider how much executive salaries have gone up in comparison to low and middle class workers, then look at the percentage income taxes paid by the middle class vs. the executives.
    We are paying for two kids in college, and my husband's salary has taken a huge hit as he is associated in the new home building industry. Some weeks it gets a little tough figuring out what bill needs to be paid now, but we are getting by.
    I believe instead we need to look at buying American products. I haven't bought anything (that's right not a thing) made in China in the past four years. It took me 4 months to find a portable heating unit, 8 months to find a bathroom soap dispenser. I pass on any frozen food, or any clothing made in China. There are some items I can't find, so I do without or make them at home.
    Now, that's MY CORE VALUE!!!!!
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  • Joanne L.
    9:33am - Thu Apr 21st, 2011
    Shared sacrifice
    I usually agree with your comments because for the most part you are a very logical person. However, when I heard this commentary, I could not believe your insight and you calling the social security benefits "entitlement" and those who receive or will be receiving the benefits of social security, Medicare and Medicaid would need to make sacrifices. Where have you been, Chris??? That's all the middle class do is sacrifice, and these so called entitlements are paid for by the workers and the employers, they are not free to the working people. Our government stopped taking care of the working people many years and have catered to the rich and big businesses, it is time for the that 2% to pay their fair share! I have worked for the last 40 years of my life to be denied what I paid into when I only make a 1/4 of the wealthiest salaries. Sorry Chris, this time you didn't get it right.

    Joanne Lester
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