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  • Wes F.
    10:23am - Wed Apr 20th, 2011
    Who gives a rat's behind about what a bunch of pampered rich people do several thousand miles away? The wedding has no impact on my life, period. But I can't get away from it. Everywhere I turn, there's another story fawning all over them. Enough! Go away! While you all Anglophile newsies are at it, take Paris Hilton, Britney Spears, Lady Gaga, and a few of the other fevered egos that pollute the evening news with you.
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  • pets4life
    10:54am - Fri Apr 22nd, 2011
    Royal Wedding
    Look, it is a big deal. For the British, the royal family is a representation of their country. I agree that the current family has issues. By the way, most families have issues, but most families are not in the spotlight all of the time. What ever any of us here in America might think about this family, I do remember that when London was being bombed on a regular basis during WW II, Queen Elizabeth and her sister stayed in London and helped with the war effort. Their parents did not send them to safety. That was an act of courage and patriotism that helped inspire all of England when it really looked like the Germans might be able to invade that country. Queen Elizabeth and her entire family have had to put aside their own personal wishes and dreams in order to serve as symbols for their nation. Let's not get into criticism of this impending marriage. This couple will have a lot to deal with all of their lives just because of their position in society. By the way, where did you get the idea that the Queen was supposed to step aside for her son? That's not what is done. Queens and kings are lifetime jobs. Your job ends when you die. Victoria lived to a ripe old age and her son was well past middle age when he became king. I think the only issue for Charles will be whether or not he accepts the crown after his mother dies or if he decided to by-pass it and send it on to his son. I'll bet he would like to pass it on. Let's just enjoy the upcoming celebration. With all of the terrible things happening in the world, a fairytale wedding seems kind of nice to read about and watch.
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