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  • LorraineMorganScott
    8:21pm - Mon Apr 04th, 2011
    April 4th Core Value
    Mr. Core,
    I enjoy listening to your thoughts. Today's especially hit home in a positive, soft-potato way. I agree that our troops should not be in a country that doesn't want us there and that as a whole, or as a majority - the country feels that we are the enemy and after everything we as a country and as our people have given - the ultimate being the lives of OUR people - that they can scream "Death to Americans" is more than dis-heartening.
    I understand it isn't a popularity contest, but our troops are loosing their lives for a country that on the majority -wants us gone.
    I appreciate your candor and your honesty. Please send me a copy of today's commentary - I would like to paste it to my facebook.
    Thanks, Lorraine Morgan Scott
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