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  • ejacobs55
    12:04pm - Tue Mar 29th, 2011
    The MusicianShip
    Great piece -- thanks Bob! The MusicianShip enjoys the support of great folks for a great cause. Each of the events have been different, but all are fun! -- I think the Kennedy Center event is a sell-out or near sell-out at this point, but we hope to see lots of friends at Morton's in Georgetown for the reception afterward or on a Tue eve at the Harp n Fiddle - DC's best kept secret! Last I heard, there'll be at least 50 of our students at the event and more suprises in store :) --- Eric Jacobs
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  • JimboBaggins
    12:15pm - Tue Mar 29th, 2011
    The MusicianShip and The Harp and Fiddle Jam
    The MusicianShip is doing a great service to our community! Over 150 kids are being exposed to music education in after school programs in DC and the skills they learn in practicing music translates into better study habits in School. Kudos to Bob for shedding light on this wonderful organization.
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