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  • Yankee Lady
    7:42pm - Tue Mar 15th, 2011
    Chris Core's Nuclear Energy Commentary
    Chris Core is wrong about nuclear energy being as safe as flying, deep water oil drilling and car crashes. Yes, all of these activities can often go tragically wrong, but they do not have the ability to sicken millions, or kill thousands, as the Japanese nuclear plants are poised to do. Yes, the three accidents is a good average, if you base safety solely on the basis of average. But again, its the sheer number of people who can be affected that makes nuclear energy a bad idea.
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  • samsimon
    6:57am - Wed Mar 16th, 2011
    Sadly Inane
    I am surprisingly pleased to see there are no comments on this patently inane and thoughtless comment comparing the risk of nuclear catastrophe from power plants to air plane and auto accidents. It may mean people ignore or not care what you say. And in this instance, well deserved.

    As sad is any one auto or airplane fatality is; the risks and numbers are not related to the actual number of accidents -- which is what you do. You can have thousands of auto or air plane accidents and you don't begin to compare to the numbers of people whose lives are at risk and the permanent nature of the damage of even one nuclear accident.

    Chernoble. Case closed. Now Japan, hundreds of thousands of lives disrupted; millions at risk areas of the earth damaged for ever.

    How can you possibly compare that to auto accidents etc.

    Yes, there are enough positive possibilities from capturing atomic power for peaceful uses that people are indeed trying to make that happen. The opposition focus on the risks -- and Japan is an example of why some smart people think it is both foolish and the ultimate hubris to think we know enough today to tame this deadly force.

    You cand do better.
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  • Deb P.
    9:03am - Wed Mar 16th, 2011
    banning nuclear power
    Mr. Core,
    I have to disagree with your view on nuclear power.. comparing radiation to a plane or car crash is apples and oranges. When a plane crashes, its tragic and many people lose their lives.. but it ends there. Radiation keeps on giving.. it is in the atmosphere, the ocean, the feed for livestock which gets into the food supply and on and on it goes.. and some time later, humans are affected with cancers. I don't see any comparison. Thanks for your opinion though.. I often do agree with you.
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  • samsimon
    1:00pm - Sun Mar 27th, 2011
    Please Recant
    By now Chris has to have re-considered his original position in this "Core Values" broadcast. First, he mistakenly compared numbers of accidents with the harm per-accident. And now with the ever growing crisis in Japan this basic flaw in his position is even more apparent.

    I would like to know if he intends to stand by his opinion or if in fact he has had second thoughts. Allowing comments here is no substitute for on-air discussion of contrasting points of view.

    If he is unwilling to reconsider, I would like the opportunity to record an alternate view. Unless you can show that an alternate view has been aired.

    Thank you.
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