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  • Sanity Check
    6:34pm - Wed Mar 09th, 2011
    Public funding for NPR
    Dear Chris, Most of the time I agree with you but this NPR business has me up in arms. Public funding of public radio and television is an essential to assure that unbiased opinions are distributed to all who receive the signals. Commercial communication is so biased that I really try to not tune in except for local news stations, nbc, cbs, and abc. I will not follow Fox except for weather and traffic.
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  • AJDuck
    8:01pm - Wed Mar 09th, 2011
    I want my government to continue to fund public broadcasting.
    The airwaves are a public asset, and we need someone other than ClearChannel Communication to broadcast. NPR broadcasts a large amount of country music, and they are not limited to the ClearChannel playlist, nor funded by payola.
    The same goes for television and PBS. I cannot watch TV without being bombarded by adds for Viagra or other ED medications, or for cars or video games. Content on our media is controlled by those who pay for it, instead of by the citizens or even the listeners.
    You mention the stations that attack Democrats. They exist because corporations pay money via advertising to keep them on the air. Even WTOP forces me to listen to lies from Big Oil (the American Petroleum Institute) and the Koch brothers (the CATO Institute). I want my government to support the honest and fair reporting we get with NPR.
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  • A listener
    9:57pm - Wed Mar 09th, 2011
    Does Mr. Core really understand?
    I'm surprised that Chris Core, a veteran of radio, seems not to understand why NPR needs gov't funding. All of the public broadcasting entities were created so that the public airwaves can provide content to all citizens--including those who would otherwise be under-served by commercial entities.

    Does Mr. Core really think that there are enough generous listeners of jazz, classical and other eclectic programming (not to mention in-depth news) to support even individual stations, let alone a whole network? If we let these broadcasters fail because they must "stand on their own" we will lose a source of richness and diversity on the public airwaves. What will be left is commercials, pop music, commercials, blather, commercials, news and commercials.

    Perhaps Mr. Core has too much vested interest in commercials (of which he makes plenty) to be unbiased on this subject.


    A (concerned) Listener
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