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  • rmp
    7:42pm - Tue Mar 01st, 2011
    alarming statistics
    Wow, such broad generalizations! Let me get this straight, a Supervisory International Broadcaster for the Broadcasting Board of Governors with many years experience at a GS-14 level can make up to $136,000 a year. I guess that means that you, Mr. Core, make less money because you, of course, are employed in the private sector. But wait! You are able to do product endorsements/ads for plumbers, MRI facilities, etc., whereas a federal employee cannot plug a product for a few extra bucks. How much do you make for these promos? What kind of discount do you get when the plumber you do a spot for comes to your house? Mr. Core, when you were working on a regular basis for WMAL as an announcer, how much did you make a year? And exactly how much do you make a year now?

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