Ukrainian leader meets with Obama at White House

Thursday - 09/18/2014, 04:10pm EDT

Ukrainian president asks US for military aid

Ukrainian president thanks US for assistance, but says it needs lethal military aid

Thursday - 09/18/2014, 03:38pm EDT

Chevron meets new, voluntary shale drilling rules

Chevron is first energy company to meet new drilling rules from industry-environmental pact

Thursday - 09/18/2014, 03:30pm EDT

European nations sign treaty to fight match-fixing

15 European nations sign treaty pledging fight against match-fixing, corruption in sports

Thursday - 09/18/2014, 03:30pm EDT

Senate OKs Rep. Heck promotion to 1-star general

Senate approves Nevada Rep. Joe Heck's promotion to 1-star general in Army Reserves

Thursday - 09/18/2014, 03:30pm EDT

Hogan accuses Brown of lying in campaign ads

Republican Larry Hogan accuses his Democratic opponent of lying in campaign ads

Thursday - 09/18/2014, 03:20pm EDT

Police: Officers fatally shoot man near St. Louis

Officers fatally shoot man who pointed rifle in suburban St. Louis near site of Brown shooting

Thursday - 09/18/2014, 03:08pm EDT

Police: Teen killed woman over $5 pot dispute

Police: Teen to be charged as adult for killing woman in dispute over $5 in marijuana buy

Thursday - 09/18/2014, 02:58pm EDT

Chris Christie growing tired of bridge inquiry

Chris Christie says he's growing tired of legislative committee investigating bridge scandal

Thursday - 09/18/2014, 02:53pm EDT

UN's flight marks new era on Israel-Syria front

Collapse of UN peacekeeping mission on Golan Heights marks new era on Israel-Syria front

Thursday - 09/18/2014, 02:52pm EDT

Cyprus official: Egypt, Jordan interested in gas

Cyprus energy minister says Egypt Jordan interested in Mediterranean island's offshore gas

Thursday - 09/18/2014, 02:39pm EDT

Leading Bahrain activist released from jail

Leading Bahrain activist released from jail, but still faces travel ban

Thursday - 09/18/2014, 02:20pm EDT

France dismisses accusations it pays ransoms

President dismisses accusations that France pays terrorists ransoms for hostages

Thursday - 09/18/2014, 02:09pm EDT

Report: Progress 'modest' on upping embassy safety

State Dept watchdog cites limited progress in boosting Marine security after Benghazi attack

Thursday - 09/18/2014, 01:58pm EDT

Stocks creep higher on encouraging news

US stock market rises after drop in jobless claims and Fed meeting; Scotland votes

Thursday - 09/18/2014, 01:40pm EDT

Iowa Democrats say there's room for a non-Clinton

Iowa Democrats say there's room for a non-Clinton in caucuses, but would face 'steep hill'

Thursday - 09/18/2014, 01:20pm EDT

Judge won't say if he'll resign over assault case

Judge won't say if he'll step down over domestic violence case after calls for resignation

Thursday - 09/18/2014, 12:40pm EDT

AP Sources: US offers Ukraine $46M in security aid

AP Sources: US to give Ukraine $46 million in security assistance, stops short of lethal aid

Thursday - 09/18/2014, 12:28pm EDT

Even seemingly benign causes draw China crackdown

China cracks down on missing passengers' relatives, churches and other forms of civil society

Thursday - 09/18/2014, 12:20pm EDT

First lady introduces new class of student poets

Michelle Obama introduces new class of National Student Poets, hears them read at White House

Thursday - 09/18/2014, 12:17pm EDT
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