Kenya police kill 2 suspects in church killings

Kenya police kill 2 men suspected of attacking church and killing 6 people

Friday - 03/28/2014, 06:23pm EDT

Pistorius trial delayed over legal aide illness

Illness of judge's aide forces suspension of Pistorius murder trial until April 7

Friday - 03/28/2014, 01:56pm EDT

Morocco bans daring online news website

Crusading Moroccan journalist says govt admits to shutting down his daring news website

Friday - 03/28/2014, 10:50am EDT

Pistorius on the line now in murder trial

It's all on the line now in murder trial for Oscar Pistorius, who broke barriers as an athlete

Friday - 03/28/2014, 03:14am EDT

Key parts of Oscar Pistorius' defense

Oscar Pistorius murder trial: A glance at key parts of the defense's case

Friday - 03/28/2014, 12:52am EDT

3 million suffer in Nigerian Islamic uprising

Agency: 3 million suffer in Islamic uprising in northeast Nigeria; 250,000 homeless this year

Thursday - 03/27/2014, 01:57pm EDT

EU urged to deploy troops to C. African Republic

European Union urged to deploy promised peacekeepers to C. African Republic amid fresh clashes

Wednesday - 03/26/2014, 02:21pm EDT

Somali militants lose town to African Union troops

Somali militants of al-Shabab lose town to African Union troops after fighting

Wednesday - 03/26/2014, 01:20pm EDT

Ebola victims quarantined in Guinea

Health teams set up quarantine centers in Guinea to contain Ebola outbreak that has killed 60

Wednesday - 03/26/2014, 07:46am EDT

Pistorius expected to testify at his murder trial

With prosecution case complete, Pistorius defense expects him to testify at murder trial

Wednesday - 03/26/2014, 07:38am EDT

Propaganda war: Nigeria military v. extremists

Islamic extremists intensify propaganda war against Nigerian military

Wednesday - 03/26/2014, 07:30am EDT

Shell Nigeria calls "force majeure" for exports

Shell Nigeria declares "force majeure" for oil exports halted from Forcados terminal

Tuesday - 03/25/2014, 06:50pm EDT

South Sudan peace talks resume, UN warns of crisis

South Sudan peace talks resume in Ethiopia; UN warns of humanitarian crisis

Tuesday - 03/25/2014, 04:31pm EDT

Suicide bombers kill 5 police in northeast Nigeria

Suicide car bombers kill 5 police officers, 3 civilians in northeast Nigerian city

Tuesday - 03/25/2014, 02:38pm EDT

Kenya Wildlife Service struggles to stop poaching

Kenya Wildlife Service says it needs help to tackle rhino, elephant poaching

Tuesday - 03/25/2014, 02:02pm EDT

Ethiopian lawmakers to pass bill deemed anti-gay

Ethiopian lawmakers to pass bill that puts homosexuality on list of 'non-pardonable' crimes

Tuesday - 03/25/2014, 10:30am EDT

Pistorius trial: Cell phone texts show tensions

Reeva Steenkamp told Oscar Pistorius that she was sometimes afraid of him

Tuesday - 03/25/2014, 02:58am EDT

Uganda: Boat accident death toll rises to 107

Ugandan police: Lake Albert boat accident death toll rises to 107, dead mostly women

Monday - 03/24/2014, 12:40pm EDT

2 peacekeepers wounded in Central African Republic

2 Rwandan peacekeepers wounded in latest fighting to wrack Central African Republic capital

Monday - 03/24/2014, 12:40pm EDT

Police find body parts, victims in Nigerian city

Police find body parts, skulls, rescue skeletal victims in Nigerian city; rituals suspected

Monday - 03/24/2014, 12:01pm EDT

Expert: Anti-Kony US deployment a 'game changer'

Expert: US deployment of military aircraft a possible 'game changer' in hunt for warlord Kony

Monday - 03/24/2014, 10:50am EDT

Blast kills 32 in northeast Nigerian village

Islamic militants blamed for blast that kills 32 in northeast Nigerian village

Monday - 03/24/2014, 09:20am EDT

Ebola detected in Guinea victims, 50 dead

Ebola detected among Guinea fever victims, government says more than 50 dead

Sunday - 03/23/2014, 06:40pm EDT

Expert: Screaming gives Pistorius 'major problem'

Pistorius trial: Expert says Steenkamp screaming is 'golden thread' that makes case for murder

Sunday - 03/23/2014, 05:58pm EDT

Thousands mourn death of Sierra Leone ex-president

Thousands mourn death of Sierra Leone ex-president hailed for role in ending war

Sunday - 03/23/2014, 03:40pm EDT
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