Newborn Puget Sound killer whale presumed dead

Researchers: Killer whale born last month to dwindling Puget Sound population presumed dead

Wednesday - 10/22/2014, 10:44am EDT

FBI: Denver girls may have tried to join jihadis

FBI to look at friends of Denver girls who may have tried to join Islamic State group in Syria

Wednesday - 10/22/2014, 09:46am EDT

Del. man must repay $20 million, serve 15 years

Delaware man must repay $20 million, serve 15 years in prison in investor fraud case

Wednesday - 10/22/2014, 07:57am EDT

Family, friends remember women slain in Indiana

Women slain in Indiana remembered by family, friends as beloved, full of potential

Wednesday - 10/22/2014, 07:25am EDT

Pakistani Nobel laureate honored in Philadelphia

Nobel laureate Malala Yousafzai honored with Liberty Medal for her work to educate girls

Wednesday - 10/22/2014, 07:23am EDT

Indiana man was violent long before 7 killings

Indiana man who confessed to killing 7 women showed signs of violence a decade earlier

Wednesday - 10/22/2014, 07:23am EDT

Jurors given conflicting views of Jodi Arias

Prosecutor in Arias sentencing retrial displays grisly picture of victim, urges death penalty

Wednesday - 10/22/2014, 07:23am EDT

Police: Indiana man confesses to all 7 killings

Police say man has confessed to killing all 7 women whose bodies found in northwestern Indiana

Wednesday - 10/22/2014, 07:22am EDT

Nixon creating group to address Ferguson issues

Missouri Gov. Nixon creating commission to address issues raised since shooting in Ferguson

Wednesday - 10/22/2014, 07:22am EDT

Teacher hurt by rock thrown on car: Eager for home

Teacher badly injured by rock thrown onto her car says she's eager to return to her Ohio home

Wednesday - 10/22/2014, 07:22am EDT

Coach fired over watermelon, ape-like celebrations

Superintendent: Football coach fired over celebrations involving watermelons, ape-like sounds

Wednesday - 10/22/2014, 07:22am EDT

Schools scoured in search for ambush suspect

Police search northeastern Pennsylvania schools after possible sightings of ambush suspect

Wednesday - 10/22/2014, 07:22am EDT

New rules adopted in hopes of spurring home loans

New US rules on banks, borrowers eased to spark wider home lending

Wednesday - 10/22/2014, 07:21am EDT

Jewish group shifts view on Nazi benefit payments

World Jewish Congress calls for stopping Social Security payments to Nazi war crimes suspects

Wednesday - 10/22/2014, 07:21am EDT

Jury to decide if Tsarnaev friend was liar or high

Jury to decide if Tsarnaev friend was a liar or just too high on pot to remember details

Wednesday - 10/22/2014, 07:20am EDT

Crews tearing down home where babies' bodies found

Demolition underway on squalid Massachusetts house where baby remains were found

Wednesday - 10/22/2014, 07:20am EDT

The meaning of 'organic' hazy for nonfood items

The meaning of 'organic' can be fuzzy for personal care items, cleaners and textiles

Tuesday - 10/21/2014, 11:36pm EDT

Oscar de la Renta, legendary designer, dead at 82

Designer Oscar de la Renta, beloved by first ladies, socialites and starlets, dead at 82

Tuesday - 10/21/2014, 10:18pm EDT

AP PHOTOS: De la Renta's creations over the years

AP PHOTOS: De la Renta's creations over the years

Tuesday - 10/21/2014, 08:22pm EDT

Warming Earth heading for hottest year on record

Globe on pace to likely break, hottest year record, after warmest September, August, June, May

Tuesday - 10/21/2014, 06:51pm EDT
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