Law signed to curb Abu-Jamal's 'obscene celebrity'

Governor signs law to curb 'obscene celebrity' of convicted killer Abu-Jamal

Wednesday - 10/22/2014, 07:20am EDT

DEA complaint charges alleged MLB drug supplier

DEA complaint charges South Florida man with supplying drugs to clinics in MLB drug scandal

Wednesday - 10/22/2014, 07:20am EDT

Giffords calls on women to highlight gun violence

Gabby Giffords in Iowa: 'Dangerous people with guns are a threat to women'

Wednesday - 10/22/2014, 07:20am EDT

NATO intercepts Russian jets over Baltic Sea

NATO jets intercept Russian fighters twice in 2 days over Baltic Sea

Wednesday - 10/22/2014, 07:20am EDT

One American released from North Korea, two remain

American detainee released in North Korea; two others remain

Wednesday - 10/22/2014, 07:20am EDT

Gary Hart named envoy to Northern Ireland

Ex-presidential candidate Gary Hart named envoy to Northern Ireland

Wednesday - 10/22/2014, 07:20am EDT

Homeland Security orders new screening for Ebola

Homeland Security: Arriving passengers from Ebola countries must enter at 1 of 5 airports

Wednesday - 10/22/2014, 07:20am EDT

Staples investigating possible data breach

Staples investigating potential credit card data breach, contacts law enforcement

Wednesday - 10/22/2014, 07:20am EDT

Thousands of Gov. Walker-related emails released

Thousands of emails collected during Gov. Walker-related John Doe investigation released

Wednesday - 10/22/2014, 12:36am EDT

Anti-government cleric ends protest in Islamabad

Anti-government cleric ends months-long protest in Islamabad

Wednesday - 10/22/2014, 12:36am EDT

SC pork executive sentenced in DC gun case

South Carolina pork executive sentenced in District of Columbia gun case

Wednesday - 10/22/2014, 12:35am EDT

Snowden: Bombing shows limits of mass surveillance

Snowden: Boston Marathon bombings example of how threats can be missed under mass surveillance

Wednesday - 10/22/2014, 12:35am EDT

Hong Kong students, officials talk but don't agree

Hong Kong students, officials talk but remain far apart on demand for greater election say

Wednesday - 10/22/2014, 12:35am EDT

New efforts to ban tobacco farm child labor

Advocates seek multiple routes to ban children from working on tobacco farms

Wednesday - 10/22/2014, 12:22am EDT

The meaning of 'organic' hazy for nonfood items

The meaning of 'organic' can be fuzzy for personal care items, cleaners and textiles

Tuesday - 10/21/2014, 11:36pm EDT

In Louisiana, both sides claim defense of Medicare

In Louisiana Senate race, Medicare returns as reliable issue in race to woo seniors

Tuesday - 10/21/2014, 11:33pm EDT

Georgia partisans feud over voter registration

Georgia Democrats feud with GOP secretary of state over handling of 50,000 would-be voters

Tuesday - 10/21/2014, 08:50pm EDT

On visit home, Obama looks backward and forward

For Obama, a trip home to Chicago evokes thoughts of easier days, tough challenges ahead

Tuesday - 10/21/2014, 08:50pm EDT

Democrats love seeing minimum wage on the ballot

Democrats in tight races are delighted to see the minimum wage issue on the ballot

Tuesday - 10/21/2014, 08:44pm EDT

CDC to revise Ebola protocol, Pentagon preps team

CDC to update protocols for treating Ebola patients, Pentagon readies team to aid US doctors

Tuesday - 10/21/2014, 06:46pm EDT
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