Mexican officials say suspects were not executed

Mexican prosecutors say no sign of executions by soldiers in shootout that killed 22 suspects

Friday - 07/18/2014, 05:25pm EDT

Iowa rejects juvenile mandatory minimum sentences

Iowa Supreme Court throws out all of state's mandatory minimum sentences for juveniles

Friday - 07/18/2014, 05:03pm EDT

AP National News Calendar

AP National News Calendar

Friday - 07/18/2014, 04:59pm EDT

US intel says Malaysian plane shot down by missile

US intel says surface-to-air missile shot down Malaysian airliner

Friday - 07/18/2014, 04:58pm EDT

Slain rookie officer recalled as eager learner

Rookie New Jersey police officer slain in ambush remembered for compassion, drive

Friday - 07/18/2014, 04:56pm EDT

15 percent of Syrian sarin chemicals destroyed

Pentagon: 15 percent of Syrian sarin material destroyed on US ship in Mediterranean

Friday - 07/18/2014, 04:50pm EDT

Suspect package delays Obama return to White House

Obama's return to White House after day trip delayed because of suspicious package

Friday - 07/18/2014, 04:46pm EDT

US military didn't seek Afghan pullout in 2017

Dunford: Military didn't recommend that US announce full pullout from Afghanistan in 2017

Friday - 07/18/2014, 04:40pm EDT

UK court orders 'Glee' name change in legal row

Unhappy news for 'Glee': Judge orders name change after trademark dispute with UK comedy club

Friday - 07/18/2014, 04:36pm EDT

US urges release of Cambodian opposition officials

US urges release of Cambodian opposition officials charged after clash with security forces

Friday - 07/18/2014, 04:21pm EDT

First lady: Healthy food has place in lunchrooms

At meal of kids' healthy recipes, Michelle Obama argues for more nutritious school lunches

Friday - 07/18/2014, 03:34pm EDT

Senate Dems' campaign arm outraises GOP

Senate Democrats' campaign committee bests Republican rival

Friday - 07/18/2014, 03:31pm EDT

In Ga. Sen., voters weigh experience vs. outsider

In Georgia Senate race, voters weigh Kingston's experience against political newcomer Perdue

Friday - 07/18/2014, 03:00pm EDT

Key events in latest Israeli-Palestinian fighting

Key events in escalation between Israel, Hamas as Israel presses on with Gaza ground invasion

Friday - 07/18/2014, 02:37pm EDT

Inspector general probing US 'Cuban Twitter' plan

Inspector general for top US foreign-aid agency examining once-secret 'Cuban Twitter' program

Friday - 07/18/2014, 02:24pm EDT

Trying gene therapy to create biological pacemaker

Scientists transplant gene into pigs' hearts to create biological pacemaker, no battery needed

Friday - 07/18/2014, 02:12pm EDT

Obama encourages Israel to minimize civilian death

Obama encourages Israel to minimize civilian deaths in ground push into Hamas-ruled Gaza

Friday - 07/18/2014, 02:08pm EDT

Court rejects lawsuit, but warns of implicit bias

Court rejects class-action lawsuit brought by Iowa blacks, but recognizes implicit bias

Friday - 07/18/2014, 02:05pm EDT

Prosecutor to monitor for-profit college chain

Former high-profile prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald to monitor for-profit college chain

Friday - 07/18/2014, 02:00pm EDT
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