California lake so low that lost gun is found

Agent's gun, badge lost 22 years ago found by fisherman in drought-diminished California lake

Friday - 10/10/2014, 04:20pm EDT

Oregon governor's fiancee admits to sham marriage

Oregon first lady admits she was paid to marry immigrant seeking US residency in 1997

Friday - 10/10/2014, 03:06pm EDT

Rival gun measures on ballot in Washington state

Washington voters to see rival gun sales measures; 1 expands background checks, 1 bans it

Friday - 10/10/2014, 02:56pm EDT

Kansas asks court to block gay marriage licenses

Kansas attorney general asks state Supreme Court to block same-sex marriage licenses

Friday - 10/10/2014, 02:18pm EDT

Navy to hold USS Cole memorial ceremony

Navy to hold USS Cole memorial ceremony in Va.

Friday - 10/10/2014, 12:00pm EDT

Colorado Senate rivals clash in raucous debate

Colorado Senate rivals clash in raucous debate as voting nears

Friday - 10/10/2014, 09:12am EDT

New York scare house evokes city's 'bad old days'

Son of Sam and punks on the subway: Haunted house harkens back to a scarier New York City

Friday - 10/10/2014, 07:49am EDT

Tesla adding all-wheel drive, safety features

Tesla Motors adding all-wheel drive and 'auto pilot' safety features to its Model S sedan

Friday - 10/10/2014, 05:06am EDT

Hagel: US wants use of Turkey base, help training

Hagel says US asking to launch aircraft from Turkey base, wants Ankara to help train Syrians

Friday - 10/10/2014, 05:00am EDT

Toledo nervously awaiting fate of beloved Jeep

Ohio autoworkers: Possible departure of Jeep with roots back to WWII 'a blow to our pride'

Friday - 10/10/2014, 04:06am EDT

Witness: Wyoming shooting victim begged for life

Prosecutors: Wyoming teen shot wounded man at point-blank range as he begged for his life

Friday - 10/10/2014, 03:44am EDT

Flavors fuel food industry, but remain a mystery

Natural and artificial 'flavors' fuel food industry but remain a mystery

Friday - 10/10/2014, 03:20am EDT

Frustrations end as gay couples marry in Las Vegas

Frustration turns to elation as gay couples marry in Nevada, ending dizzying legal fight

Friday - 10/10/2014, 01:18am EDT

Report details Alaska brawl that involved Palins

Police report details Alaska brawl that involved Sarah Palin's family; no arrests or charges

Thursday - 10/09/2014, 11:50pm EDT

US general: Most East China Sea interactions safe

Top US Air Force general in Pacific: Most midair interactions in East China Sea have been safe

Thursday - 10/09/2014, 10:57pm EDT

Clinton, Christie lend clout to Pennsylvania race

Hillary Clinton, Chris Christie take clout to campaign trail in Pennsylvania governor's race

Thursday - 10/09/2014, 10:50pm EDT

Supreme Court inaction leaves gay couples in limbo

Supreme Court inaction on same-sex marriage leaves gay couples in some states in limbo

Thursday - 10/09/2014, 10:38pm EDT

Ebola scare draws hazmat team onto plane (Video)

These days, it's right up there with joking about bombs in an airport security line: A passenger on a flight from Philadelphia to the Dominican Republic reportedly said he had Ebola.

Thursday - 10/09/2014, 10:04pm EDT

Ky. Couple, son sentenced in cockfighting case

Kentucky couple, son sentenced in Virginia for participating in major cockfighting operation

Thursday - 10/09/2014, 09:30pm EDT

Golf coach sentenced to 27 years for abusing boys

California golf coach sentenced to 27 years for abusing 3 students, plotting to kill them

Thursday - 10/09/2014, 09:20pm EDT
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