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Death toll in Bangladesh ferry crash climbs to 142

Authorities say the death toll in this week's ferry accident in Bangladesh has climbed to 142 after police found three more bodies.

Friday - 03/16/2012, 03:22am EDT

Mystery: A hostage video, family's desperate plea

Christine Levinson had endured nearly four years of despair since her husband, Robert, disappeared in Iran. Every glimmer of hope in the U.S. government's search for him had faded away, every optimistic lead had ended with disappointment. Privately, some believed he was probably dead.

Friday - 12/09/2011, 04:35pm EST

November 11: Avison Young

Monday - 11/07/2011, 09:12am EST

November 10: Unemployment

Monday - 11/07/2011, 09:11am EST

November 9: Pepco's taxes

Monday - 11/07/2011, 09:10am EST

November 8: Glass Jacobson

Monday - 11/07/2011, 09:09am EST

November 7: Courtesy Associates

Monday - 11/07/2011, 09:09am EST

November 4: Blue Water Media

Tuesday - 11/01/2011, 02:16pm EDT

November 3: Merrill

Tuesday - 11/01/2011, 02:15pm EDT

November 2: Saving it up

Tuesday - 11/01/2011, 02:13pm EDT
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