Satellite parking suggested to ease Mark Center traffic

Satellite parking, as far away as Prince William and Stafford counties, is one idea being floated to ease the anticipated congestion in Alexandria with the relocation of 6,400 defense-related workers.

Friday - 12/02/2011, 03:45am EST

Moran on Mark Center: 'I wish the Army would work with us'

Rep. Jim Moran, D-Va., talks about the latest inspector general's report that concludes the Army used flawed data in deciding to relocate 6,400 workers to the Mark Center.

Thursday - 12/01/2011, 07:46am EST


Pentagon IG: Army used flawed info. on BRAC move to Mark Center

The inspector general's report that's coming out this week says the Army did not meet state and federal standards when it decided to relocate 6,400 workers to Alexandria.

Thursday - 12/01/2011, 08:07am EST

Investigation launched into BRAC move to Mark Center

The Defense Department Inspector General's office launched an investigation into the plans to move 6,400 defense-related jobs to Alexandria's Mark Center next September.

Walter Reed closes, nearby businesses go bust

Walter Reed Army Medical Center was not only a bustling hospital for the nation's war wounded and their families, it apparently helped keep many nearby businesses booming. But without the hospital things are getting ugly.

Thursday - 09/29/2011, 04:39am EDT

A pain in the BRAC

Evan Haning, WTOP news

Monday - 09/26/2011, 09:49am EDT


Pedestrians top priority for BRAC plans

Keeping traffic headaches to a minimum is a top priority for BRAC realignment planners.

Saturday - 09/24/2011, 10:29am EDT

BRAC date brings little change, or does it?

Predictions that the BRAC realignment would cause complete gridlock haven't happened. Not all of the workers relocating under BRAC have been transferred out of Arlington. While Fort Belvoir has seen most of its new workers start there, only about 2,500 of 6,400 workers have been transferrred to Alexandria. But WTOP listeners say they have seen changes to their commutes.

Thursday - 09/15/2011, 09:18am EDT

Mayor to Obama: Concern over Mark Center security

Alexandria Mayor Bill Euille remains concerned over possible security vulnerabilities at the Mark Center, where many defense workers are relocating.

Tuesday - 09/13/2011, 06:23am EDT

Program softens housing blow for military, civilians

Moving isn't easy when you're facing a downturn in the housing market. That's why the Homeowners Assistance Program (HAP) has been expanded.

Monday - 09/12/2011, 01:01pm EDT

Va. congressman says BRAC improvements not enough

There are new roads, bus lines and other improvements made across our region in response to the Base Realignment and Closure process. But one local congressman says it's not enough.

Sunday - 09/04/2011, 12:23pm EDT

Irene accelerates Walter Reed patient moves

Officials at Walter Reed Army Medical Center in Washington say Hurricane Irene is prompting them to accelerate the transfer of their last remaining patients to the National Naval Medical Center in Bethesda, Md.

Saturday - 08/27/2011, 09:16am EDT

Va. task force to monitor traffic during BRAC changes

Traffic patterns across the region will begin changing this week as thousands of military-related workers move job locations as part of the military base realignment.

Monday - 08/08/2011, 02:52pm EDT

Project to ease BRAC traffic impacts around Quantico

A new road project is set to widen the road leading to Quantico Marine Corps Base, making it easier to get to and from major roads in the area.

Sunday - 07/31/2011, 01:58pm EDT

Roads near new Walter Reed to be widened

The road work includes widening Connecticut Avenue/Md.185 northbound from Manor Road almost to the Capital Beltway and widening Cedar Lane near Route 355.

Wednesday - 07/27/2011, 01:40pm EDT

Ceremony marks closing of Walter Reed hospital

Maj. Walter Reed's sword was symbolically handed over to the Navy at a ceremony Wednesday marking the closure of the Army hospital bearing his name, where hundreds of thousands of the nation's war wounded have been treated for more than a century.

Wednesday - 07/27/2011, 04:50pm EDT

Officials: BRAC medical facilities ready for business

Big changes are coming soon for the nation's wounded warriors because of BRAC. During a Tuesday media roundtable of senior military leaders, they say medical facilities are ready.

Tuesday - 07/19/2011, 03:38pm EDT

A change for one neighborhood hit by BRAC

It is a small move when considering all the changes coming under the military's Base Realignment and Closure program, but it's still going to disrupt an entire neighborhood.

Tuesday - 07/12/2011, 03:34pm EDT

Montgomery Co. works to ease BRAC gridlock

Despite all of Montgomery County's efforts, Sen. Ben Cardin says there will be significant gridlock in Bethesda.

Tuesday - 07/12/2011, 07:14am EDT

Metro could solve BRAC concerns with new bus lines

At a board meeting, Metro will propose creating new bus lines that will run frequent express service to both the Mark Center and Fort Belvoir.

Wednesday - 07/06/2011, 04:02am EDT

Radioactive waste removal: Next hurdle for Walter Reed

Moving a hospital is never easy. And once all the patients have been relocated comes the really hard part: Safely removing all radioactive material from inside.

Thursday - 06/23/2011, 03:21pm EDT

BRAC: Officials respond to concern over new Walter Reed operating rooms

The Joint Task Force National Capital Region Medical says there will be more than enough operating rooms to treat wounded warriors post-BRAC.

Thursday - 06/02/2011, 01:22pm EDT

Provisions would delay BRAC move, cap parking

The U.S. House of Representatives is expected to vote later this week on a bill that includes a provision to delay the move of 6,400 workers to the Mark Center in Alexandria.

Wednesday - 05/25/2011, 01:37pm EDT

BRAC Impact: Your world is about to change

A team of reporters from WTOP Radio fanned out across our region to get a glimpse of what this new BRAC world will look like. Listen to our special documentary, "The BRAC Impact."

Sunday - 05/29/2011, 03:12pm EDT


Series introduction: Why BRAC will change your world

BRAC or Base Realignment and Closure will mean hundreds of thousands of employees, personnel, medical staff and patients relocating or trading places. One land use expert says the region could be heading for a transportation "meltdown."

Monday - 05/09/2011, 04:27am EDT

Federal News Radio - BRAC Impact

WTOP and Federal News Radio partnered to provide the most comprehensive coverage of the BRAC initiative. Read the latest reports at Federal News

Part 1: Why the shift: A history lesson

When the Base Realignment and Closure Commission was formed, it was given the goals of consolidation and saving money.

Monday - 05/09/2011, 04:54am EDT

Part 2: Mark Center expected to create gridlock

The influx of thousands of defense workers to the Mark Center in Alexandria will change traffic patterns along Interstate 395. In southern Fairfax County, more than 20,000 workers will flood Fort Belvoir as part of BRAC.

Monday - 05/09/2011, 02:05pm EDT

Part 3: Number of visits to new Walter Reed Bethesda to double

BRAC will result in the consolidation of the Walter Reed Army Medical Center at the National Naval Medical Center in Bethesda.

Tuesday - 05/10/2011, 10:44am EDT

Part 4: A traffic 'meltdown' waiting to happen?

When Stewart Schwartz, executive director of the Coalition for Smarter Growth, takes a look at the local BRAC sites -- The Mark Center, Fort Belvoir, Quantico Marine Base, Bethesda Naval and Fort Meade, he sees a "meltdown."

Tuesday - 05/10/2011, 10:48am EDT

Part 5: Impact of BRAC on health care; Era ends at Walter Reed

The health care of wounded warriors, military members and their families in the area is about to change forever, and the change is historic. And, after 102 years, Walter Reed Medical Center will close.

Wednesday - 05/11/2011, 04:10am EDT

Part 6: Moving a historic hospital in one day

Imagine a hospital. Now imagine moving that hospital across town to a brand new facility. That's the daunting task facing Walter Reed Army Medical Center, as part of BRAC, in August.

Wednesday - 05/11/2011, 03:31pm EDT

Part 7: 'Smarter' facility being built to treat war wounded

For more than a hundred years, Walter Reed Army Medical Center has been the premier facility to treat war wounded who've lost limbs. But when it shuts down, the new Walter Reed in Bethesda will assume that responsibility.

Thursday - 05/12/2011, 04:20am EDT

Part 8: Medicine goes cutting edge at new Fort Belvoir

The new Fort Belvoir Community Hospital, described by some as an extraordinary, spectacular, state of the art and cutting edge facility, is set to open in August.

Thursday - 05/12/2011, 03:15pm EDT

Part 9: Pentagon official demands flexibility on BRAC dates

As Base Realignment and Closure closes in, one top Pentagon official says compromises may have to be made in order to complete the move.

Friday - 05/13/2011, 05:12am EDT

Part 10: Leaders concerned as BRAC date approaches

With just months to go until the Base Realignment and Closure plan is supposed to be realized in the D.C. region, concerns remain.

Friday - 05/13/2011, 03:16pm EDT