Stories from Jan 22nd, 2013

Ike Leggett's top transportation priorities

Tuesday - 01/22/2013, 08:16am EST

Help getting to sleep and staying asleep

Tuesday - 01/22/2013, 01:40pm EST

U.S. involvement in Mali is not 'traditional'

Tuesday - 01/22/2013, 01:42pm EST

Preview Caps home opener

Tuesday - 01/22/2013, 02:12pm EST

Roe v. Wade: 40 years later

Tuesday - 01/22/2013, 02:15pm EST

Views on abortion changed little over the years

Tuesday - 01/22/2013, 03:35pm EST

Keeping your move smooth with the right truck

Tuesday - 01/22/2013, 09:31pm EST

Did Beyonce lip sync?

Tuesday - 01/22/2013, 09:36pm EST

Reaction to Panetta lifting ban

Wednesday - 01/23/2013, 01:08pm EST

Protecting yourself at the gym during flu season

Wednesday - 01/23/2013, 01:12pm EST

Our bad attitude

Wednesday - 01/23/2013, 02:01pm EST

Which airlines are adding fees and how to avoid them

Wednesday - 01/23/2013, 02:11pm EST

Busy day on Capitol Hill: Benghazi and women in combat

Wednesday - 01/23/2013, 03:03pm EST

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