Part I: Neglect at Arlington National Cemetery

Arlington Cemetery is a national shrine, but more than that, it's a hallowed sanctuary where people can go simply to spend some peaceful moments with their departed loved ones. Some have been deprived of that peace.

Tuesday - 10/05/2010, 09:24pm EDT

Part II: A Discarded Discovery

In the second part of Dignity Denied, WTOP National Security Correspondent J.J. Green speaks with a construction worker who provided never-before revealed details of what he found in a waste area at Arlington National Cemetery.

Wednesday - 10/06/2010, 10:22pm EDT

Part III: 'What we need is time'

Kathryn Condon, the new executive director of the Army National Cemeteries Program -- aware that there may be more neglect at Arlington -- stated her commitment to not let it happen again. But public doubt remains after the scandal broke earlier this year.

Thursday - 10/07/2010, 10:39pm EDT