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Chris Brown (AP)

Chris Brown pleads guilty to assault

Chris Brown has pleaded guilty to misdemeanor assault in D.C., where he was accused of punching a man who tried to join a picture the singer was taking with two women outside a hotel. Full Story

1st day of school in Va. brings changes

It's the first day of school for about 400,000 Virginia students in the D.C. area and many schools have some changes this year. (Photos) Full Story

Cool tech for back to school, work

It's back to school in Virginia today. Some of those innovative gadgets students have may make parents think, "I want one, too." Full Story

Speed trap town suspends 2 chiefs

Waldo is a Florida town infamous for its speed traps. Now the town is facing a scandal over allegations it's turning a profit. Full Story

Danger signs can point to falling trees

WTOP Garden Editor Mike McGrath calls falling trees and tree limbs "one of the biggest dangers of being outdoors." He offers advice. Full Story

What to eat to curb your cravings

What you eat earlier in the day can help you manage those late-night cravings that derail your diet. Find out what to fill up on. Full Story

Entertainment guide: Can't miss fall fun

It may not feel like it, but fall will be here in a few short weeks. With it comes a lot of fun events to add to your social calendar. (Photos) Full Story

Pumpkin: What you might not know

For some, Labor Day's end means it's time to sip on a Pumpkin Spice Latte or open a pumpkin beer. Fun facts about pumpkin. (Photos) Full Story

5 retirement myths that can derail saving

Many retirement rules of thumb are just plain wrong, including the one that says you will need 80 percent of your current income. Full Story

Minor leaguers go big or go home

Labor Day marks the beginning of the pennant race in the Major Leagues, but end of the season for most minor league players. Full Story

Feds who labor on Labor Day

For some federal employees, Labor Day is just a day at the office, because plenty of government operations must run 24/7/365. Full Story

Caffeinated College

A local school is among the top in U.S. with the caffeine jitters.

What Is This?

You won't believe what someone paid for this piece of history.

Celebrity Wedding

Donnie Wahlberg and Jenny McCarthy have tied the knot.

Beating 'Rocky'?

A 9-foot statue of a boxing legend takes shape in Philadelphia.

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