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In Haymarket, all lanes of Va. 15 northbound at I-66 have reopened.


Do remains belong to Hannah Graham?

Remains found over the weekend have been discovered in a rural area of Virginia. It's not clear how long it will take authorities to identify the remains. Full Story

Forecast: A cold start, clouds later

It's going to be quite chilly in the early morning Monday, but then it will get to the mid-60s. Clouds will roll in later in the day, though. Full Story

Expelled Nazis got millions from U.S.

An AP investigation reveals that Nazi war crime suspects collected millions of dollars in Social Security -- and some still are. Full Story

Where's that puppy in the window?

Disgust over area puppy mills has prompted a new proposal to ban pet shop sales of dogs and cats in one Maryland county. Full Story

Cash-bleeding 401(k) mistakes

Tending the 401(k) account is one task that usually gets overlooked. Here are some tips for making that retirement nest egg grow. Full Story

Clinics not equipped for Ebola

The arrival of Ebola puts the spotlight on weak spots in U.S. health care, including what have become defacto ERs -- urgent care clinics. Full Story

How to go meatless on Mondays

With meat becoming increasingly expensive, more and more people are adopting Meatless Mondays as part of their weekly menu plan. Full Story

McCoy rallies Redskins over Titans

After Kirk Cousins is benched, Colt McCoy leads the Redskins to a 19-17 win over Tennessee, ending a four-game skid. Full Story

A different kind of street art

The biannual 5x5 Project brings 25 contemporary artworks to the streets, buildings and even sidewalks of the District. Full Story

Very ugly cars

Grown-ups sat in meetings and looked at pictures of these cars. These cars were still made. Presented by Jiffy Lube Full Story

VA employees dissatisfied with bosses

A new survey says employees at the Veterans Affairs Department are becoming less pleased with their senior leaders. Full Story

Royal Rumble

Lorde's golden hit has landed in the middle of a World Series fight.

Gaga's Crib

Check out the inside of Lady Gaga's massive new house. (Photos)

Closing Time

Super drunk woman mistakes county jail for local watering hole.

Long Live Leno

The gang turns out for former "Tonight Show" funnyman in D.C.

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