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Tablets rise as personal computer dies

Computer makers are having a hard time giving PCs and laptops away. Tablet sales are flourishing as family preferences change and PC sales continue to decline. Full Story

Candy wars continue: Mars vs. Hershey

This time Mars Inc. is going after rival Hershey over chocolate-covered malt balls, all-red packaging and a missing letter "s." Full Story

Are all-inclusive vacations worth it?

All-inclusive vacations may render images of plentiful buffets, top-shelf drinks and perks galore, but are they worth the cost? Full Story

Persistent ospreys getting new home

Federally protected birds are building their nest near a traffic camera at the Bay Bridge -- but now a solution is in the works to move them. Full Story

Saying 'bye to a D.C. video rental store

Potomac Video has been in Chevy Chase since 1981. Its staff loves helping customers find movies that suit their tastes. Full Story

Meals tax idea resurfaces in Fairfax Co.

Eating out in Fairfax County could cost you more. The county is weighing a tax on restaurant food to cook up more cash for county services. Full Story

The season's hottest home designs

Open shelving, bright colors: "Kitchen Crashers" host shares her favorite home designs and a new way to make them come true. Full Story

Fans should believe in Wizards magic

The Wizards might finally know a few spells that could extend their playoff run well beyond this weekend's games against the Bulls. Full Story

Pop star Chris Brown back in D.C. court

Pop star Chris Brown, who is charged with punching someone outside a hotel, returned to a D.C. courtroom Wednesday. Full Story

New York International Auto Show

See the latest and greatest on four wheels
Presented by Jiffy Lube Full Story

Pentagon fights battle of the bulge

The Department of Defense is implementing department-wide health initiatives addressing nutrition, exercise and smoking. Full Story

Nascar Welcomes RG3

Twitter helps Dale Jr. land RG3 to drive at Richmond.

'Frozen' Fan

A Nationals player is not bashful about his love of "Frozen." (Video)

Big Catch

A fisherman caught an 11-foot, 805-pound mako shark. (Video)

Invisible Barrier

After 25 years, deer still won't cross the Iron Curtain.

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