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secret service after jumper (AP)

Maryland man jumps White House fence

An unarmed 23-year-old Maryland man is in custody after the Secret Service says he jumped the north fence of the White House Wednesday evening. He was taken into custody quickly with the help of K-9 teams. Full Story

Massive cheating scandal at UNC

Bogus classes, athletes and automatic A's and B's are at the heart of a cheating scandal at the University of North Carolina. Full Story

The T-shirt that linked 2 crimes

The man who found the key piece of evidence linking the Morgan Harrington murder to a Fairfax City rape explains what tipped him off. Full Story

Ottawa gunman identified

The shooter who killed a Canadian soldier and then headed to Parliament has been identified. The attack was the second in three days. Full Story

'Boutique' apts. coming to Arlington

An apartment building that bills its units as "boutique luxury" apartments says it's a month away from leasing. It includes a dog wash facility. Full Story

Greatest hits: National Geo covers

National Geographic has compiled 650 of its most iconic cover photographs to include in a new book. Get a sneak peek here. Full Story

4 slow cooker meals for fall

A slow cooker is a fundamental part of the routine for many busy families. Here are four recipes to spice up your dinner plans. Full Story

Safely watch the partial solar eclipse

On Thursday, the new moon will hide part of the sun from view. Find out where you can watch the partial solar eclipse. Full Story

The quest for products' perfect name

How do Barbie dolls, fashion lines and tech items get their names? Meet Ellen Lutwak, who has made a living naming items on stores' shelves. Full Story

OKCtober breaks away from Rocktober

By seizing the moment in Game 2, the Kansas City Royals avoided a potentially crushing defeat and made the Fall Classic a series. Full Story

Fed workers ask for Christmas break

A petition asks President Obama to grant government employees off the Friday after Christmas, creating a four-day weekend. Full Story

Lame Excuses

Survey shows people had bad excuses for missing work.

Voice of Metro

Meet the woman who's voice can be heard on Metrorail. (Video)

Unbearably Cute

See a video of a bear cub scampering through a drug store.


You won't believe what Renee Zellweger looks like now (Photo).

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