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Osprey (Courtesy MDTA cameras)

Ospreys return, permanent home in place

The ospreys came back! The federally protected birds built a new nest after prior ones were destroyed -- but this time in front of a different traffic camera in the same area. Now they have a more permanent home. Full Story

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Police knew of gang activity near zoo

Monday's shooting near the National Zoo came as a surprise to most people, but police may have known that trouble was coming. (Video) Full Story

Thousands outside D.C. get bad tickets

Driver complaints help uncover a flaw in the District's ticketing program, which lacks safeguards to protect drivers from Md. and Va. Full Story

Footgolf begins taking hold in Virginia

Golfers have been using their feet for generations -- just not legally. Until now. Now, there's footgolf -- and it's all about kicking. Full Story

Goo on pitcher's neck, Foster marries

A Yankee pitcher's game comes to a gooey end. How the feds want to ease prison crowding. Jodie Foster ties the knot. Full Story

Kate shows off new royal style

The Duchess of Cambridge's dilemma: What to pack when your itinerary includes state receptions, church and toddler playdates? Full Story

Americans plan big vacations this year

The frugality of the Great Recession may be history as people trade short staycations for longer stays at grand destinations. Full Story

Nats win dramatically; Harper lags again

Adam LaRoche's heroics cap a four-run ninth as the Nationals avoid a sweep. Before that, another Bryce Harper slow trot nearly costs him. Full Story

What are effects of violent video games?

A new study looks at whether children who play violent video games demonstrate more violent or aggressive behavior in real life. Full Story

New York International Auto Show

See the latest and greatest on four wheels
Presented by Jiffy Lube Full Story

Pentagon fights battle of the bulge

The Department of Defense is implementing department-wide health initiatives addressing nutrition, exercise and smoking. Full Story

Big Riders

Tourists with more girth are prompting a move to bigger horses.

Social Media Oops!

Companies have felt the wrath when Twitter campaigns backfire.

Knows Your Name

Facial recognition software could change how you shop.

Invisible Barrier

After 25 years, deer still won't cross the Iron Curtain.

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