Traffic Routes & Speeds

We have added cameras to our Routes and Speeds page. To enable or disable the cameras (and hide the camera icons on the map) click on the filter icon and use the Cameras checkbox to enable your preference.

WTOP Traffic Incidents

Up-to-the-minute incidents from the WTOP Traffic Team




5:43 am

I-70 Eastbound at I-270 (#53), all lanes are blocked at the ACCIDENT.

Maryland Route 

5:24 am

NEW HAMPSHIRE AVE at GOLD MINE RD, follow police direction by the ACCIDENT.



5:53 am

I-95 Northbound at Route 234/Dumfries (#152), the left side is blocked by the ACCIDENT.

Route 236 

5:07 am

Route 236 at Route 1/N Patrick St, proceed with caution by the ACCIDENT.