Osprey (Courtesy MDTA cameras)

Ospreys' nest destroyed for second time

For the second time in one week, the Maryland Transportation Authority removed the nest of ospreys, which are federally protected. The birds built their home in front of a highway camera along the Chesapeake Bay Bridge. Full Story

Driver slams into CVS in robbery attempt

Police believe robbers were trying to steal an ATM machine when they crashed into a pharmacy in Maryland early Monday. Full Story

Construction starting soon on casino

Prince George's County is finalizing a deal to ensure local workers are hired for the $925 million casino at National Harbor. Full Story


5 features an Amazon phone might offer

Seamless grocery shopping and free streaming video are two of five features industry analysts say a smartphone by Amazon might offer. Full Story


Big Bang a big question for Americans

Most Americans know smoking causes cancer. But a poll finds they have doubts about evolution, the Earth's age and the Big Bang theory. Full Story

Federal News Radio

Odds of a 3.3 percent pay raise for feds

In the past three years, feds have gotten one raise, valued at 1 percent. Now some House Dems push for a 3.3 percent raise in 2015. Full Story

Government's health care site flagged

HealthCare.gov users are being told to change their passwords following a review of the government's vulnerability to Heartbleed. Full Story

How to grow a cocktail garden

The food you grow in your garden isn't limited to the salad bowl. "The Drunken Botanist" says it's time to drink in the fruits of your labor. Full Story


The problems with paternity leave

Paternity leave for a lot of men involves saving up and cobbling together sick days, vacations days and unpaid days. Why is it so hard? Full Story


Verdict in Chris Brown bodyguard trial

A judge has decided the fate of Chris Brown's bodyguard Christopher Hollosy who was charged with punching a man outside a D.C. hotel. Full Story

Prom Date Trouble

A student was suspended for asking Miss America to prom.

Best of Awesome Con

Cosplayers and comic book super fans took over the nation's capital.

Love Lockout

City of love, or locks? Paris tackles its profusion of padlocks.

Bid, Dick, Bid

Art by the "Dick and Jane" illustrator is on the auction block.

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Fans And Brands

Coachella's young audience is a marketing goldmine.

Bieber Go?

White House finally weighs in on petition to deport pop singer.

Down with 'Bullies'

A veteran actress has strong words for Donald Trump.

Eating Across Town

A Pa. mayor eats at all 24 of his town's restaurants in a day.