Police describe man seen with Graham

Police released a description of a man who was seen walking with missing University of Virginia student Hannah Graham the night she disappeared. He is considered a person of interest. Full Story

Scotland and UK's future hours away

Excitement mixed with apprehension as voters in Scotland go to the polls today to decide whether to become independent, or stick with England. Full Story

Popular toothpaste loses microbeads

An ingredient found in some types of toothpaste can let in more bacteria and lead to bigger problems such as gingivitis and periodontal disease. Full Story


Makeover of neglected area on Nat'l Mall

A group working to restore the National Mall wants to overhaul a lakeside park that honors the nation's founders but has languished for years. Full Story


Your diet soda could promote diabetes

Using artificial sweeteners may set the stage for diabetes in some people by hampering the way their bodies handle sugar, a study says. Full Story

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Senate passes government funding bill

The joint resolution to keep government agencies open and funded until Dec. 11 now heads to President Obama for his signature. Full Story

56M affected in card breach

A retailer says 56 million debit and credit cards are estimated to have been breached in a data theft between April and September. Full Story

Closer to answers in Lyon sisters case

Maryland investigators believe they're closer to the truth after two sisters disappeared in 1975. Multiple people are believed to be involved. Full Story


Do's and don'ts of LinkedIn photos

What kind of first impression are you making to potential employers on LinkedIn? Photographer shows common mistakes. (Photos) Full Story


Steps to take for a healthy financial life

Much like changing your diet and working out to lose weight, getting in shape financially is easier said than done. Advice to get started. Full Story

Vegans vs. Carnivores

Food fight: Bacon lovers and vegans duke it out on the National Mall.


Take puppies, combine water, get massive cuteness. (Photos)

Resume of a QB

Would you hire Tom Brady? See his college resume.

Bad Sushi News

Sushi lovers might be in for some upsetting news about this luxury meal.

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Rewarding Bad Reviews

One restaurant is encouraging its diners to rate it poorly on Yelp.


A mayor offers to help Tim McGraw find Portland, Maine.

Small Business Smarts

Five things small business owners need to know for the fall.

Best Esteem Workout

Women's only workout puts moves on fitness, self-esteem