polar vortex (Courtesy NOAA)

Unseasonable temps swooping in soon

Don't be surprised when it's not 100 degrees in mid-July. Something akin to a polar vortex will cool down the region. See how low temperatures will go and what area will need a winter coat. Full Story

Va. city is priciest in region to live

Georgetown may be Washington, D.C.'s most expensive neighborhood, but this Virginia city remains the metro region's most expensive jurisdiction as housing prices continue to rise. Full Story

Get a free Slurpee and other free foods

It's time to take advantage of all of things you can get for free. In addition to food and drinks, a lot free activities are on tap. Full Story


You've been doing the daiquiri all wrong

A frozen, red, sugary drink with an umbrella? That's not a daiquiri. Uncovering the myths and the history of summer's darling drink. Full Story


A look back at the 'Planet of the Apes'

WTOP Film critic Jason Fraley takes a look at how the "Planet of the Apes" franchise has evolved through the years. (Videos) Full Story

Federal News Radio

Where are the young federal employees?

The lack of 30-and-under talent in the federal workforce means agencies will be facing significant shortfalls in the future. Full Story

Shooting suspect had run-ins with police

A man charged with killing 6 people execution style was the subject of a restraining order his mother obtained days before the attack. Full Story

What's behind summer ER trip uptick?

Summer's warmth can lead to more emergency room trips. Read common reasons for them and how to help avoid a hospital visit. Full Story

World Cup

Argentina embraced reluctantly

That Argentina has stepped into the role as South America's flag bearer is a cruel reversal for many in the soccer-proud region. Full Story


Consumers face gadget 'lock-in wars'

As Apple and Google introduce a new wave of inter-connected gadgets, consumers face a new phenomenon -- "lock-in wars." Full Story

What's In A Name?

Why the daughter of U2 lead singer Bono wants to change her name.

Most Expensive Haircut

Find out where it costs the most to get a haircut in the United States.

Rehab Addict Akron

LeBron's foundation teams up with reality TV to rehab homes.

Unlikely Friendship

How a 3-year-old and WWII veteran became best friends. (Video)

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New to HBO

Beyonce, Jay Z and Queen Latifah will be heading to HBO.

Must-see TV

A new show takes the mundane and makes it interesting.

D.C. Stayed Busy

Nine months later, birth stats suggest shutdown had a lasting effect.

The Cost for Chelsea

Chelsea Clinton rakes in some serious dough for speaking events.