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Md. talent agency stiffing customers?

A Montgomery County talent agency that promises to help clients break into show business and modeling is under government scrutiny for stiffing workers and customers. Full Story

Tropical Storm Bertha forms

Bertha is the second named storm of the season. Plus, what's the latest on two girls who stabbed a friend to please a fictional character? Full Story

Vitaminwater makes a formula switch

After customers complained about a new sweetener and sales declined, Coca-Cola decided to make a change with the popular drink. Full Story


D.C.'s best 'political' restaurants

Politics is so intertwined in D.C. life, it pops up in places you might not expect -- like your pizza. The top restaurants with political names. Full Story


Guardians: Meet Marvel's newest misfits

Marvel pivots away from "The Avengers" and assembles a new band of scrappy, snarky, underdog superheroes: "The Guardians of the Galaxy." Full Story

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Army focuses energy on soldier power

Army says renewable energy industry should not look to the military as a giant of investment, but there are a few exceptions to that rule. Full Story

Forecast: Clouds, showers, humidity

The bright skies and low humidity of the past few days are giving way to more seasonal weather. Read the full forecast. Full Story

Cantor resigning earlier than expected

Rep. Eric Cantor says he will leaving earlier to make sure constituents have a voice during the "consequential" lame-duck session. Full Story


Truth about anti-aging 'cosmeceuticals'

They are the latest thing in anti-aging skin care, but are those pricey cosmeceuticals really worth the money? A local doctor offers insight. Full Story


Get good customer service using Twitter

Frustrated by poor customer service? Many vent on Twitter. The king of customer service complaints offers tips on how to get results. Full Story

Free Beach Fun

Five free things to see and do in Virginia Beach. (Photos)

Unexpected Treat

Zoo animals dine on fruit thanks to spilled shipment. (Photos)

Redskins Punishment

Why does this rookie look like this? It's all about punishment.

Proud Dad

Williams announces his daughter's news on his show.

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Cat Island

An island near Buffalo is overrun by hundreds of feral, abandoned cats.

Interactive Tour

Take a tour of the newsroom and Glass-Enclosed Nerve Center.

A Rare Find

A fisherman caught a rare 1-in-30-million calico lobster.

A Spidey Fight

A man dressed as Spider-Man gets into a fight in Dublin. (Video)