Police made tough call with Graham

"Even though the circumstances are dire, you have to hold out hope that Hannah is alive," said Bob Lowery, executive director of the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children. Full Story

Teen injured in park brawl was banned

The 15-year-old currently in a coma recovering from brain surgery after a fight at Six Flags was banned from entering any of the amusement chain's parks just a few months ago. Full Story

Nat'l brand opens area pop-up restaurant

A famous food brand opened a four-week pop-up restaurant, but food isn't the only thing on the menu. What it hopes to accomplish. Full Story


The end of Saturday morning cartoons

The CW was the final hold out - the last broadcast network to offer Saturday morning cartoons. What's behind he demise of toons. Full Story


Do you recognize this National?

You may recognize this Nats outfielder known for his hair. Take a look at our photo gallery dedicated to the evolution of his beard. Full Story

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How does DoD health care stack up?

A Pentagon review of the military health care system concluded that it's not much better or worse than private sector health care. Full Story

Forecast: A mix of sun and clouds

The sun will peek in and out of clouds on Thursday, with highs again reaching the upper 70s. Serious fall weather is coming, though. Full Story

Suspect sought in swim club killing

Police are looking for this man in connection with a shooting that killed a Bowie dad as he tried to break up a fight. Full Story


AU introduces 'Hunger Games' class

American University is offering a new class about "The Hunger Games." May the odds be ever in the students' favor for good grades. Full Story


Tempted to bend iPhones?

With all the hubbub over whether the new iPhones can be bent, Men's Health's Gregg Stebben has some things not to do. Full Story


Steve Pearce, the O's unsung hero

When injuries and suspensions struck the Baltimore Orioles, a 31-year-old journeyman stepped up to become their most productive player. Full Story

'Housewives' Trouble

A "Real Housewives" star and her husband could be imprisoned.

MacGyver Elk

These rascally elk in the Grand Canyon have outsmarted the humans.

'Pizza Cake'

There's deep-dish pizza and then there's really deep-dish pizza.

Backup Husband

Just how many women in relationships have a Plan B partner.

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