Chipotle confident as price hike looms

For the first time in three years, Chipotle's prices are going up. But the company's CEO feels the restaurant chain has "earned" permission from customers. Full Story

How couples sleep reflects happiness

A new study surveyed couples about how they sleep and the distance from their partner. The results show which couples are happiest. Full Story

Deal reached to ease Ukraine tensions

A deal to desecalate Ukraine tensions would disarm militant groups, and gives Russia a reprieve from new sanctions for now. Full Story


Parents lose it over 'Frozen' retail supply

Want an Elsa dress? So does the rest of the world. Parents are furious about the 'Frozen' supply, of dresses and dolls -- and they won't let it go. Full Story

Sprawl and Crawl

HOT lanes considered for D.C. highways

As the region makes a list of projects it hopes will become reality, a conversation is beginning about adding toll lanes downtown. Full Story

Federal News Radio

Dead feds with credit cards!

Despite publicity and crackdowns, credit card abuse continues in federal agencies. Sometimes it's amusing, sometimes creepy. Full Story

Despite ridicule, cafe keeps phallic sign

Yelp reviewers and out-of-town passersby alike see the same thing when they look at the sign for Market Place & Cafe in Ballston: a phallus. It's unclear why the store has kept it for five years. (Photo) Full Story

Stink bugs invade after long winter

Residents who were hoping that the cold, harsh winter reduced the number of stink bugs and ticks may be disappointed. Full Story


How Kickstarter may help local chef

A Springfield pastry chef plans to open a Northern Virginia bakery and hopes a Kickstarter campaign will help fund some key items. Full Story


How to make your 5K more colorful

These rainbow-hued running events aren't about finishing first. Instead, paint races seek to create a vibrant experience. (Photos) Full Story

What's in a Name?

National Zoo announces names for two adorable babies. (Photos)

'Sandwich' Returns

Fast-food chain brings back its most-loved and hated item.


A little sea pup found on a California ranch is far from home.

Squirrel Girl

After a big fall, this D.C. girl is recuperating with a cast. (Photo)

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Jay Z's Festival

Jay Z helps launch a two-day Made in America music festival.

Bad Hair Day

Kim Jong Un's hairdo is inspiring men to get a haircut in London.

Emancipation Day 2014

Photos and videos from the concert in Freedom Plaza.

Furry Duty

New Jersey summons a German Shepherd to jury duty. (Video)