Report: Another lapse by Secret Service

Shortly after director Julia Pierson faces questions in front of Congress, a report indicates that an armed contractor boarded an elevator with President Obama, and the Secret Service didn't know he had a gun. Full Story

First case of Ebola in US confirmed

A patient who recently traveled from Liberia to Dallas is critically ill, and the search is on for anyone who may have come in close contact. Full Story

Police hold evidence in Graham case

The lawyer for the man charged in the disappearance of a U.Va. student says police haven't told him what evidence they have against his client. Full Story


Phelps responds to DUI charge

Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps has been charged with drunken driving and speeding in Baltimore, according to police. Full Story


7-Eleven rolls out healthier menu

Soda and chips may be the go-to snacks at gas stations, but 7-Eleven wants to change that. Just how healthy is its new menu? Full Story

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VA settles whistleblower complaints

The employees were among the first to report wrongdoing at the the troubled Phoenix VA hospital, including chronic delays for vets. Full Story

What's PayPal's first solo move?

Now that eBay and PayPal have announced their split, what are the new opportunities and challenges for each business? Full Story

Why some feds might not get paid

Some federal workers due to get paid on Thursday could see delays in credits to their accounts due to a processing problem. Full Story


Nats' Gio Gonzalez has request for fans

As the Nationals get ready to start playoff baseball, Gio Gonzalez -- and his precious pup -- have a request for fans. (Photos) Full Story


Doctor: Which flu vaccine to get

When it comes to the flu, some of the vaccines may be better than others. A local doctor shares what you need to know. Full Story


Your favorite MLB postseason teams

Baseball can bring out the passion in people. WTOP takes a look at each of the 10 postseason-bound teams from the perspective of a fan. Full Story

Meet Ophelia

Ophelia is a playful puppy who needs a good home.

Seat of Her Own

North West gets own seat at Givenchy next to mom and dad.

Container Apartments

D.C. apartment building is made of shipping containers. (Photos)

Two New

New breeds head to the Westminster Kennel Club show. (Photos)

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A Look Back

'Gone With the Wind' is turning 75, but its legacy remains murky. (Photos)

Hogwarts Heaven

A man's "Harry Potter" collection is the world's largest.

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A crew assembled a 1,126-pound bowl of loco moco.

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