hotel credit card (WTOP/Colleen Kelleher/AP)

Don't get scammed like this at a hotel

Are you traveling this summer? Keep in mind scammers may try to prey on you during your hotel stay in creative ways, according to Consumer Reports. Full Story

Virginia teen killed in tubing accident

A 16-year-old Virginia girl was killed during a tubing accident in northern Michigan. The tube pulled by a boat struck a platform. Full Story

New fears about Ebola are spreading

A sick man with Ebola who boarded a plane in Liberia shows the weaknesses in stopping the deadly disease's spread. Full Story


Area restaurants recognized on nat'l list

D.C. restaurants are being recognized for more than just what's on the plate. A national ranking lists the area's best wine restaurants. Full Story


Making the case for young adult literature

Think YA is for kids? Think again. More than half of young adult books are read by adults. So why do grown-ups like them so much? Full Story

Federal News Radio

'Tax cheats' get DoD security clearances

About 83,000 Defense Department employees and contractors, who held or were determined eligible for a security clearance, owed more than $730 million in unpaid taxes as of June 2012. Full Story

Forecast: pleasant days, cool nights

With lower humidity and temperatures, it may feel more like May than July Tuesday and Wednesday before warmer temps return. Full Story

Red light cams big boost for Md. county

Officials say it's more about safety, but the revenue doesn't hurt. Just how much is earned from local red light camera tickets? Full Story

Washington's Top News

Judge clears way for sale of Clippers

The ruling is a defeat for Donald Sterling. There's a ruling on gay marriage in Virginia. And, the Israeli military issues a warning. Full Story


What's the best/worst infomercial ever?

The infomercial industry, which brought you Snuggies, ThighMaster and Hula Chair, is "Proactiv"-ly reinventing itself in the digital age. Full Story


Redskins practice: 'It's getting chippy'

The team is a little over a week away from its first preseason game. At practice, players are energized and playing in pads. Full Story

'Crazy Eyes'

What fans ask the "Orange Is the New Black" actress most.

What a Reunion

The video of Casey the fainting schnauzer has gone viral. (Video)

Body Paint Art

Nude models and artists make body-paint works of art. (Photos)

Jazz Versus Pop

Lady Gaga weighs in on which she prefers: jazz or pop music.

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Meet Summertime

The living hasn't always been easy for this Pet of the Week.

Cool Under Pressure

We wanted to see which ice cream sandwich melts fastest. (Video)

Palin TV

Sarah Palin launches an online subscription channel.

No R-E-S-P-E-C-T

Aretha Franklin is mad at a Johnny Rockets server. But why?