Fed Ex Field (Patrick McDermott/Getty Images)
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Snyder: New stadium in early stages

Washington Redskins owner Dan Snyder says that the team has "started the process" of designing a new stadium. He doesn't say when or even where it will open, but promises one classic feature. Full Story

Md.,Va. drivers are getting D.C. tickets

WTOP Ticketbuster looks into the law that is leaving many Virginia and Maryland residents frustrated and with $100 tickets from D.C. Full Story

USC's Josh Shaw suspended for lying

Josh Shaw told a tale about saving his nephew from drowning. Now, USC is wondering exactly what drove a team captain to such deception. Full Story

McDonnell Trial

Daughter: Parents barely spoke

The McDonnells' daughter tells jurors that her mom was lonely and depressed, and was "mildly obsessed" with Jonnie Williams. Full Story


Life lessons from Mary Poppins

As the beloved movie turns 50 years old this week, here's a look back at some of your favorite scenes and the life lessons learned. Full Story

Federal News Radio

How to select good agency supervisors

Great supervisors can make an agency a better place to work, while lousy supervisors can make the it a horrible workplace. Full Story

Forecast: Less sun, less humidity

It'll be partly sunny, drier and a little less warm than Wednesday, with highs in the high 80s. How does the long weekend look? Full Story

This state sees edge in landing FBI HQ

The battle to win the new home of the FBI is down to three sites and two states. Where agents live could give this state the edge. Full Story


The ESPN of video games has arrived

Video games have come of age as a spectator sport. Enter Twitch, the network that provides footage of people playing video games. Full Story


Preserve tastes, memories of summer

Dining trend: Local chefs are taking diners' minds off premature pumpkin-spice lattes and keeping them on summer beach bonfires. Full Story


College sports' new Final Four

College football season has arrived, and with it a new playoff structure. See WTOP's predictions for local teams and the national title. Full Story

Fastest on 2 Feet

Jiff the Pomeranian is really fast, world-record fast.

Teen Fashion Guru

A 13-year-old girl has a fall line at a popular department store.

A Sweet Return

A once-closed cupcake store could reopen in D.C. locations.

Kickball Injury?

Workers' compensation OK'd for injuries from a company kickball game.

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Silver Lining

A "happily ever after" for one Boston Marathon bombing victim.

Stoned at the Emmys

Sarah Silverman shows off her liquid pot on the red carpet.


The tortoises in a controversial art exhibit were removed.

Full House Reboot?

TV land is abuzz with news that the hit '90s show could be back.