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Back to school whooping cough

Welcome back: Several Montgomery County School students have contracted whooping cough, due to an outbreak at summer camp. County officials say hundreds were exposed and it is highly contagious. Find out what four schools are reporting the illness. Full Story

Tom Clancy's Md. home set on fire

Two boys have been charged with setting author Tom Clancy's former Maryland home on fire. The blaze was set last week. Full Story

Seat recline spat diverts another plane

An outburst after a woman reclined her seat led to a the flight being diverted Wednesday, the second such incident in the U.S. this week. Full Story


Daughter: Rivers in 'serious condition'

The comedian remains in serious condition in a New York City hospital Friday, one day after going into cardiac arrest at a doctor's office. Full Story

Video: Person of interest in D.C. assaults

D.C. police are working to identify a man seen in a new released video who may be connected with three recent sexual assaults in D.C. Full Story

Weekend Forecast: 90s coming back

Will the Labor Day weekend be a washout? Saturday will be partly sunny, muggy and humid. Sunday will see a return of temps in the 90s. Full Story

Playboy Jailmate

Former Playboy model jailed in Australia for drug role.

'Audacity of Taupe'

The president wore a tan summer suit and the Internet lit up.

Miley's Date Posts Bail

Singer's homeless date to VMAs turns self in at Oregon jail.

Slimy Invaders

The U.S. is battling giant snails that eat buildings, crops & multiply quickly.

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A kid has some choice words for his pregnant mother. (Video)

Trivago Makeover

Love him or hate him, the Trivago guy will soon sport a new look.

Cash vs. Credit

Are people more likely to pay with cash or credit for a $5 purchase?

Three's Company

It doesn't get much cuter than this: A trio of panda cubs.