Massive search begins for UVa student

Live blog: A search for missing University of Virginia student Hannah Graham will take place from 8 a.m. until dark in Charlottesville today. Meanwhile, police have searched the apartment of a man they believe was with her the night she disappeared. Full Story

How did agents miss the fence-jumper?

The Secret Service is again under fire after man jumped White House fence and made it through front door before officers apprehended him. Full Story

Drivers could pay $24 to drive on I-95

With I-95 Express Lanes opening in early 2015, operators have released the pricing numbers, and drivers will have decisions to make. Full Story


Weekend brings last gasp of summer

Enjoy the final days before the official arrival of fall because it is going to feel more like summer here in the D.C. area. Full Story

Grassroots driving search for toddlers

Volunteers amassed at Germantown H.S. Saturday morning to help with on-foot search in for missing siblings Sarah and Jacob Hoggle. Full Story

Bank offers student loan refinancing

Another player in the student-loan market is now offering borrowers lower interest rates and an alternative to federal loans. Full Story

His Kind of Town

"Tonight Show" to take a road trip; settle wager with this town's mayor.

Super iFan

Would you camp out 36 hours for anything? This guy did.

Fashion Police

E! will continue without Joan Rivers and with daughter's "blessing."

Resume of a QB

Would you hire Tom Brady? See his college resume.

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New 'NCIS'

"NCIS" takes its hit to a new location with flair and humidity.


An artist's dog serves as his muse post divorce. (Photos)


Take puppies, combine water, get massive cuteness. (Photos)

Made In NYC

Derek Jeter's new ad thanks fans to the tune of Sinatra. (Video)