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3 dead in helicopter-plane midair crash

The Maryland State Police have identified the victims of a mid-air collision between a small plane and a helicopter on Thursday afternoon near the Frederick Municipal Airport. The three men in the helicopter were killed; the two in the plane were injured. (Video) Full Story

Marathon creates weekend road closures

The Marine Corps Marathon, one of the largest marathons in the nation, takes to the streets in D.C. and Arlington this weekend. Full Story

Best tactic to avoid deer-car collisions

Most deer-car collisions happen between October and December. Drivers are urged to slow down and not swerve on dark roads. Full Story


This season's must-see superhero?

Here's a hint: This former Batman is making his comeback with one of the year's most compelling superhero flicks. (Video) Full Story


Spookiest Halloween recipes

Whether you're hosting a party or just feeding the kids before they head out to trick-or-treat, here are recipes with tasty and spooky flare. Full Story

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Fed workers ask for Christmas break

A petition asks President Obama to grant government employees off the Friday after Christmas, creating a four-day weekend. Full Story

Forecast: Here comes the sun

It'll be mostly clear Friday, with mostly sunny skies, breezy conditions and highs in the 60s, and the weekend is looking beautiful. Full Story

Future of parking: No meters, open spots

Parking experts envision a day when you won't have to continually circle the block and overstaying the meter won't be a problem. Full Story


Why hackers target favorite stores

It seems like a weekly occurrence -- major stores have a data breach. Data Doctors' Ken Colburn explains why big retailers are being targeted. Full Story


College Football Playoff sleepers

Halfway through the season, the primary contenders for the College Football Playoff are known. But which teams could sneak in? Full Story


The places where killers can hide

The recently discovered serial killings in Indiana put a spotlight on abandoned buildings that are magnets for criminal activity. Full Story

Moves Like Jagger

Mick Jagger is bringing James Brown's story to life -- again.

When It Gets Cold

You hungry? Try these four slow-cooker meals for chilly fall evenings.

Rock Climbing

Weird faces are cropping up on these national landscapes.

Bust a Move

A pair of dueling, dancing priests has gone viral. (Video)

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'Motown' in Motown

Motown founder Berry Gordy Jr. brings his musical home.

Scandale-ous Halle

Berry debuts lingerie line, says women buy it for themselves.

Lame Excuses

Survey shows people had bad excuses for missing work.

Voice of Metro

Meet the woman whose voice can be heard on Metrorail. (Video)