Potomac death car crash (WTOP/Andrew Mollenbeck)
WTOP/Andrew Mollenbeck

Police investigate 2 Potomac deaths

Police are investigating two Tuesday deaths in a Montgomery County community that occurred less than 1 mile apart. Full Story

Anchor's journey with breast cancer

WTOP anchor and reporter Lori Lundin thought she was healthy. Then the diagnosis of cancer came, changing her whole frame of mind. Full Story

Forensics at center of Graham case

Virginia police seem to be working to link DNA of the suspect in the Hannah Graham case to an expanding circle of attacks on women. Full Story


Phelps sorry after brush with the law

Michael Phelps can't seem to break a disturbing pattern. The Olympic champion was arrested for the second time for drunk driving. Full Story


Windows 10 blends new with familiar

After the disastrous Windows 8, Microsoft is taking a more gradual approach toward the future, trying to regain trust and loyalty. Full Story

Federal News Radio

DoD grapples with $70B budget gap

When a budget is passed, Defense Department officials expect Congress to reject a number of proposals to cut DoD's own costs. Full Story

Forecast: Cloudy, gradual clearing

Watch out for some fog in the early morning, but the skies will gradually clear as the day goes on, and highs will reach the upper 70s. Full Story

Why some feds might not get paid

Some federal workers due to get paid on Thursday could see delays in credits to their accounts due to a processing problem. Full Story


A new bar that attracts young and old

A new bar in Georgetown is attracting everyone from college students to retirees. What's keeping everyone back? Keys are the key. Full Story


Projecting the Nationals NLDS Roster

The Nationals open the postseason Friday in Washington, but which 25 players will make the Division Series roster? Full Story


The new faces of GWAR speak

And it's not pretty. The world as it's known is in peril, and two ugly aliens are the only things preventing complete desolation. (Photos) Full Story

Meet Ophelia

Ophelia is a playful puppy who needs a good home.

D.C. Do-Over

A well-known violinist plays at a D.C. train station. (Video)

Cat, Dog, Lasers

You're going to want to see this unique senior portrait. (Photo)

Kimmel? Dangerous?

Why was he called the "most dangerous celebrity" on the Internet?

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Big 'Beer Cans'

Grain silos in Buffalo are getting turned into beer ads.

Two New

New breeds head to the Westminster Kennel Club show. (Photos)

Seat of Her Own

North West gets own seat at Givenchy next to mom and dad.

Container Apartments

D.C. apartment building is made of shipping containers. (Photos)