6 are dead in Texas shooting

A shooting suspect is said to be in a standoff with deputies after a shooting in a Texas suburb that has left 6 people dead, including 4 children. Full Story

Fire burns Md. middle school

A fire guts several temporary classrooms at the John Hanson Middle School, in Charles County, on Wednesday evening. Full Story

Plane ticket security fees set to double

Flyers are about to pay more for security screening. Following orders from Congress, the TSA will hike fees more than 100 percent each way. Full Story


What will replace Hamburger Hamlet?

There's lots of buzz around the construction happening inside the old Hamburger Hamlet space in Bethesda. What will it be? Full Story


Finally, a quick way to stop junk email

Tired of all the junk that lands in your inbox? A few clicks can finally put an end to it. We've got the step-by-step instructions. Full Story

Federal News Radio

Federal travel restrictions harm security

The restrictions on feds' travel opportunities are having too many unintended consequences, says Larry Allen. Full Story

For sale: Donald Rumsfeld's D.C. home

For a mere $4.5 million, you can live in a former Secretary of Defense's D.C. home. It's 5,115 square feet with seven bedrooms. Full Story

Storm kills 1, hurts 6, at Christian camp

One child was killed and six others were hospitalized after a tree fell during strong thunderstorm at a Maryland summer camp. Full Story


Whole Foods opening in new location

A county that doesn't have a Whole Foods grocery store is getting one. The chain agreed to lease space in a new retail development. Full Story


Slacker list: Those books you can't finish

Admit it: You bought a book then, after a few pages, you've had enough. We created a list of the titles we just can't seem to finish. Full Story

Endless Appetizers

Refills aren't just for Coke. A national chain is refilling apps too.

The Duck of Justice

A stuffed bird is giving a police department a lot of love.

Sorry, George

A newspaper is apologizing to George Clooney.

Pizza On the Plane

Stuck on the runway, the pilot sprung for a snack for everyone.

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Ripley is Back

'Alien' cast members are back in action in a new video game.

They're All Shook Up

Some people are upset about some possible changes at Graceland.

Forget Brangelina

These stars might be the new Hollywood it couple. (Video)

The Boy Lives On

J.K. Rowling offers a glimpse of Harry Potter, post-Hogwarts.